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Found 33 results

  1. Spider TS Turbo

    Some people here already know me, some don't... For the people that don't know me, here an introduction: http://www.squadra916.com/forums/topic/1294-spider-twin-spark-turbo-project/http://www.squadra916.com/forums/topic/1294-spider-twin-spark-turbo-project/ The turbo project is as good as done so from now on I'm mainly working on the looks of the Spider. Due to a lot of technical issues, tuning and other priorities in the past 1,5 years, I was only able to do some minor adjustments on the exterior. I changed the wheels (from 16 inch standard p2 wheels to Siena's), bought Novitec coilovers and drove it like this for 1 year/25.000 kms. It looked good but I wasn't satisfied as I always wanted Giulietta/8c Spider wheels and a cup kit. 2 years ago I bought a bumper with Cup/Zender spoiler which I finally painted last week and mounted today. This is the result. I'm starting to get satisfied with the looks but there's still a lot of work to be done!
  2. The Power Plant


    From the album Alfa Spider 2.0 TS

    85,000km on clock, manufactured 4/2000


  4. Hi guys, Hello from Luxembourg. Alfista since 2001, first with an Alfa 147, followed by a 159 Sportwagon (twice a jtd Distinctive), I had to switch to a different manufacturer in 2014 as Alfa (still) has failed to produce a successor for my beloved 159. Even though my daily driver is now a different brand because of those reasons, the Alfa virus still subsists. For years, I've been tempted to buy a Spider, and after browsing the ads over the last months, seeing lots of high km spiders, many rotten and badly maintained ones, plus some rather unfortunate tuning objects, I now found a very low mileage untuned well maintained 916 3.2 - I bought it yesterday on the spot. happy to be back ;-)
  5. Hi everybody, finally I've got time to show you my Mary: a spider 3.0 V6 24V elegante edition (1 of 241 pieces) When I bought it, the car was already like new, but I spent the past winter to get a proper show room condition! I try to keep it as original as I can... but the tuner that lives in me sometimes push me to change parts! This was the status when I bought it... But then, during winter time, I deeply took care of this beast! Starting from the interior, where some of the trim parts needed "love", some scratches on the plastic and some nail polish in a fancy magenta red on the leather trim... I've also reflocked the open box on the tunnel and revitalized the Momo leather with the original Montecarlo black colour... I've treated the center stack with some liquid wax and got rid of plastic imperfections... The rubber rotaries before and after: Then after a long research I found an original Zender pedal set and an Alfa Corse model... I had no sleep for a week, thinking which model I had to have in the car!... In the end I've opted for the Alfa Corse set, thinking that, after I restored it, the Zender looked too delicate, especially the rubber bubbles! From Zender I bought a brand new shift knob.... that is still waiting for his brother "alu handbrake"! In this photo, you can see the Blaupunkt radio CD, that I'm replacing with an Alfa Romeo old radio cassette! Cool! Also the key deserved a "deep" clean! I used only a spit of Meguiar's compound that, in this case, helps to renew the self painted plastic parts. In the next episode: engine bay!
  6. Have been reading here for a while and it is a great community so time to introduce myself. My name is Carlo and I live in the Netherlands. I'm the chief editor of CorsaItalia Magazine, a dutch magazine about Italian cars thats in stores every two months. Started it with my dad, both working with magazines many years and wanted to start an magazine about our hobby: Italy and Cars, After work I have some hours to spend on my hobby, a 1972 Giulia Super. Modified a bunch of things, like a 2-liter engine with about 150 bhp, nice suspension mods, 14" GTA replica's and a brand new red interior. The interior is completed for about 90% now. As a daily driver I own a 2004 156 1.8 T-Spark. Nothing really special, just a nice driving car in good condition. And then, the reason for being on this forum: my 1998 Spider 2.0 T-Spark. Bought it in April this year, with 110.000 km's on it, about 70.000 miles. It was in original condition, only fitted with a phase 2 interior later. When I bought it de screen behind the seats (no clue how its called in English) went to the garage, it may be nice at high speeds but it makes the beautifull line of the 916 Spider disappear. I have fitted a new console in the middle, there was an ugly sprayed black example fitted by the previous owner. After a while I bought my favorite 916-wheels: 18" Zender Siena. I have had to GTV 916's before and I had always wanted that wheels but they never came by for a normal price. Now they did. Because the 18" wheels make it look very high on its wheels I purchased a set of Cobra Suspension Lowering springs that lower the Spider for about 30 mm. Work to do? Sure! The paintwork isn't very good. Original red with blank paint that comes of on multiple places. Besides that it is a lovely car, perhaps not as shiny as my to previous phase 2 GTV's but it drives a lot more 'fresh'. Keep up the good work here, reading a lot of stuff!
  7. Sawasdee from Thailand

    At last, after extensively going through all the useful topics and discussions in this forum, I have made my decision and she now sits in the garage awaiting a few parts to be replaced. First registered in Japan 2002 and imported to Thailand in 2011. Approx 57,000 km on the counter. From what I learned from authorised dealer, they have never imported V6 here. So, I guess this is the one and only 3.0 V6 24V Zoe Yellow Spider in Thailand.
  8. Spider 916 on window sill

    As I'm stuck studying, I couldn't allow myself to sneak off to the garage and take a photo of my actual Alfa 916 for the 2014 autumn photo contest. Instead, I grabbed what I could reach from where I'm sitting now and made a 5-minute contribution. Here is the result...
  9. Currently tucked away for winter
  10. Spider art

    The recent photo competition started me playing around with the pictures I have of my spider . I decided to frame these three to see how they look side by side. It's now mounted in the spare bedroom , I don't think my wife would appreciate it if I put it over the fire place in the lounge !! ;-) Now a true piece of art !! :-)))
  11. RAC (UK )Buyers guide for GTV

    Nice bit of reading , probably why we all love them so much. The last line under "Overall" at the bottom says it all http://www.rac.co.uk/buying-a-car/car-reviews/alfa-romeo/gt/207734/
  12. From the album Alfa Spider Joris.

    Shoot harbor Harderwijk 2013
  13. From the album Alfa Spider Joris.

    Shoot harbor Harderwijk 2013
  14. 916 Merchandise

    I have some interesting stuff to announce! The new 916 Store will be ready soon and it will be available via CafePress. All products will be handled by CafePress, except the stickers and other items which will be available through the Forum store. In the future, I would be happy if we could handle everything ourselves as it would reduce the prices. '916 Merchandise' is for all 916 enthusiasts, not just Squadra916 members. So, spread the word! Here is a sneak-peak of one of the T-Shirts that will be available for purchase.
  15. From the album Alfa Spider Joris.

    Shoot Construction site 2013
  16. From the album Alfa Spider Joris.

    Shoot Construction site 2013
  17. From the album Alfa Spider Joris.

    Shoot Construction site 2013
  18. From the album Alfa Spider Joris.

    Shoot Karwei 2013
  19. From the album Alfa Spider Joris.

    Shoot Karwei 2013
  20. From the album Alfa Spider Joris.

    Shoot Karwei 2013
  21. From the album Alfa Spider Joris.

    Shoot Bataviastad 2012
  22. From the album Alfa Spider Joris.

    Shoot Bataviastad 2012
  23. From the album Alfa Spider Joris.

    Shoot Bataviastad 2012
  24. From the album Alfa Spider Joris.

    Shoot Lelystad Harbor 2012
  25. From the album Alfa Spider Joris.

    Shoot Lelystad Harbor 2012

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