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  1. Clay Bank Car Park Sept 2014

    A late September Sunday drive in North Yorkshire. Taken from the Top of Clay Bank car park.
  2. Red and Blue

    The last chance to have all 4 cars together before the Blue GTV sells.
  3. Cup 138 Looking Good

    Hi, cheers for that. I'll get the interior pics up at the weekend when I'm back in the UK. It's got 3 cats and 2 silencers, sounds totally wet! I'm going for a straight through from Cat, it should sound much the same as the Ragazzon quad exit. It's got a long run to Prague ahead of it so I'm hoping it won't drive me crazy!
  4. Cup 138 Looking Good

    about 3 weeks after I purchased her, Cup 138 is starting to look like she should. I'm of the opinion that if I've gone to the trouble of paying the premium that the Cup brings then it should be as near as spot on and really look the part. So, it's had a full respray, the wheels have been refinshed, the drivers seat has 2 new leather fillets stiched, the white speaker covers have been removed!!! and it's had a jolly good tidy up. Just the exhaust to sort now, I'm pretty sure I'm going to stick with factory fitted Zender quads and go with a custom straight through from cat. I keep worrying about the noise on the few long drives it will get, worth it for the rest of the time? Some images, I'll post more of the interior when I'm home at the weekend. Cheers, Richard.
  5. Looking forward to picking up my Cup in 2 weeks

  6. Hello from Prague!

    Hello! I've just done a deal on Cup 138 so thought it time to join the forum I live out in Prague during the week which is where the car will be eventually based. I'm on my 2nd 916 V6 GTV which I'll be selling once I've got the Cup, it's been here in Prague for the last year. Looking forward to getting my hands on the Cup, been after one for some time. Cheers, Richard.
  7. Welcome to the forums Richard90 :)

  8. 916 Trip to France

    Trip to Northern France June 2014. Cup 138, GTV V6 and Spider T.Spark

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