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  1. GTV 2.0 V6 TB

    1998 GTV 2.0 V6 TB, Red Momo interior, 18" 8C replica rims, 20mm Eibach Pro lowering springs, spacers front 5mm, back 25mm, Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta 225/40-R18 tyres
  2. new "Gtv" boot-badge

    One of the first ones i tried. No longer available. See post #8.
  3. My Gtv V6 TB restoration :)

    Great color! Word of advice, loose the blow-off valve. It makes a nice 'woosh' sound when you switch gears, but that is it. It does not make the turbo-lag any shorter, it even makes your top speed lower (the valve will start leaking more and more by itself in high revs, loosing power), and it only blows dirty, greasy air all around your engine leaving everything covered in grease... the TB's inlet system is way too long for a blow-off valve to have any positive effect.
  4. new "Gtv" boot-badge

    I've already got a used one. It's glued to the back of the car. I want a new one...
  5. TB vs V6 24V

    Since you're in the UK, i doubt you can find a TB, they were never sold in the UK
  6. TB vs V6 24V

    Acceleration with a (good) TB is like you are being launched using a huge slingshot. Acceleration in a 3.0 is more controlled, more lineair, less spectaculair, but... the noise a 3.0 makes, can give you an added sense of speed A TB is more vulnerable. It will even drive better or less depending on the weather. Motor management and ignition are oldfashioned and a bit under par. With a TB you are always looking for that 'perfect' day when everything falls into place and it all works together like it should... a 3.0 or 3.2 is much better in that way.
  7. new "Gtv" boot-badge

    Yeah... i am taking the car for a complete respray, so i wanted a new Gtv logo, but i guess i'll have to re-use my current one.
  8. new "Gtv" boot-badge

    To be clear, i've searched all usual parts shops and ebay for the logo, but can not find it, my last resort is this forum... maybe someone has a logo laying around somewhere or knows of an obscure or little shop somewhere with no internet connection...
  9. new "Gtv" boot-badge

    Sent them an email last week: "We cannot get that badge at the moment sorry. Jim Spackman Alfaholics"
  10. new "Gtv" boot-badge

    First link: This product is currently not available... Second link, i said i will pay a good price, but 50 euro's... come on... that is just silly. Then again, the 2nd one probably is one of the last ones left... they are sold out worldwide as it seems.
  11. new "Gtv" boot-badge

    Ok, i thought i was *very* clear, apparently not. I need the Gtv badge. NOT the Alfa Romeo badge. So the logo that says 'Gtv'.
  12. new "Gtv" boot-badge

    I'm looking for a new, original Gtv badge. Not used, so with the adhesive still on, ready for placement. Will pay premium price!
  13. The new Alfa 4C

    Clarkson: "We HAVE to like Alfa Romeo. It's the rules." Btw, the (2015) 4C Spider is amazing... it's a 4C with a targa roof, and NICE headlights! http://www.caranddriver.com/photo-gallery/2015-alfa-romeo-4c-spider-photos-and-info-news
  14. The new Alfa 4C

    Richard Hammond will drive it tomorrow on Top Gear, BBC2, 21:00.
  15. Evoman's Spider 3.0 12v 1998

    I'm glad you came to your senses. Yellow lights... what on earth were you thinking...

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