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  1. restoration alfa gtv 2.0 ts

    I completely forgot to take some pictures, i just take some fast pictures for you:
  2. restoration alfa gtv 2.0 ts

    Hello night star, Yesterday we paint the car in red, tonight i will make some pictures of the car including parts around the window.
  3. Hello!

    welkom, ben zelf ook net nieuw op het forum. Mooie auto! Welcome, I am also a newbi to this forum. Nice car!
  4. restoration alfa gtv 2.0 ts

    After a little delay, the car is now finally in the primer. Hopefully next week in the beautifull rosso 130 hwb.
  5. restoration alfa gtv 2.0 ts

    Some pics of the paint before sanding the car and how the car looks right now. This week I will make some more picture's of the car in the current state.
  6. New member and first time owner of an Alfa. I am restoring an red alfa gtv 2.0 ts with 60000km (37282 mijl) on thle clock, the red paint was completely gone. On some places you look right on the white undercoat. So we will repaint the car and bring the car back in his original glory Hopefully if I have some questions, you people could help me. friendly regards from the netherlands.
  7. jeremy.b

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