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  1. pkr

  2. 916 Black or Tan Floor Carpet, Left hand Drive

    You could consider dyeing your grey carpet. http://www.squadra916.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3981-Carpet-dying Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  3. Hello pkr!i want to ask you for my brake modification..

     these discs will be fitted exactly or they want any modification,,drilling or something else..??

  4. You have a P2 so you'd need a mirror with the temperature sensor for your climate control. P1s don't have the temperature sensor but even if it did, it would be on the wrong side for you.
  5. 166 audio control clockspring

    Fitted the clockspring yesterday and all is well again. Thanks again Toshko. If I'm ever in Varna I'll buy you a beer!
  6. 166 audio control clockspring

    Purchased it via their website instead of eBay. It was actually cheaper that way. DHL have it and it is making its way through Sweden. Thanks again for finding it. Hopefully early next week all will be well again!
  7. 166 audio control clockspring

    I don't think the seller understood the problem so I've sent another message including the eBay error message - Hopefully something can be sorted out tomorrow. I want my audio controls back!
  8. 166 audio control clockspring

    That's amazing! You found one just like that. I've been searching with clockspring, schleifring, contatto etc but never thought of "frame ring". I just tried to buy it but eBay sees the word 'airbag' and won't allow me to buy it owing to it being a hazardous item. Muppets. I've sent a message to the seller so hopefully they can do something. I may be interested in another as a spare if there is one going. Thanks,
  9. 166 audio control clockspring

    The wheel changes but the clockspring is the same across all years I believe. Part number is 60673889. This is for 1998 models http://eper.fiatforum.com/eper/navi?COUNTRY=012&GRP_COD=555&SBMK=R&DRIVE=D&SGS_COD=0&MAKE=R&COMM_MODEL=166&CAT_COD=W9&MOD_COD=136&SGRP_COD=8&ALL_FIG=0&LANGUAGE=3&PREVIOUS_KEY=SUBGROUP_7&NEW_HTTP=TRUE&ALL_LIST_PART=0&SB_CODE=-1&KEY=PARTDRAWDATA&PRINT_MODE=0&EPER_CAT=SP&GUI_LANG=3&WINDOW_ID=1 and 2003 http://eper.fiatforum.com/eper/navi?COUNTRY=012&GRP_COD=555&SBMK=R&DRIVE=D&SGS_COD=1&MAKE=R&COMM_MODEL=166&CAT_COD=W9&MOD_COD=136&SGRP_COD=8&ALL_FIG=0&LANGUAGE=3&PREVIOUS_KEY=SUBGROUP_7&NEW_HTTP=TRUE&ALL_LIST_PART=0&SB_CODE=-1&KEY=PARTDRAWDATA&PRINT_MODE=0&EPER_CAT=SP&GUI_LANG=3&WINDOW_ID=1 The code '245' indicates the audio control option. Thanks,.
  10. Hi, If anyone has a 166 clockspring with audio control capability for sale, I'd be really interested in buying it! Or perhaps someone knows of one for sale somewhere ... ( I know of the new one in Italy for sale, but the seller hasn't got back to me ).

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