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  1. 17inch genuine teledials from V6

    Good morning Todor, I will buy the teledial wheels. You can remove the old tyres. Will it be OK if I put the 225/45/17 tyres in Greece? Will the tyres fit to the rims? Also, could you ask the transport costs without the tyres and the way of payment? Will I pay the transport including the price of the rims, in order to get your money? Please inform me. Regards, Chris
  2. 17inch genuine teledials from V6

    Hello again, Tyres are too old. Can you sell the rims separately from the tyres or not?Alfa romeo suggests 17 inch teledial rims with 225/45/17 in GTV. In addition, the rims look in perfect condition but the most important for me is the structure of the rims. How can I be sure about this? Thanks Chris
  3. 17inch genuine teledials from V6

    Hello Todor, I am interesting about these alloy wheels, but I need more pictures of them. Are the rims painted? Could you send the pictures in this mail? info@iasigroup.gr Thanks Chris
  4. Alloy Wheels

    Thanks Lech. Could you please inform me about the condition of these alloys?
  5. Alloy Wheels

    Thank you very much about the informations.I finally decided to put the 17 in teledial alloy wheels, but it is very difficult to find. If someone is interested in selling these wheels or knows something about, he can contact me.Thank you very much. I'm a
  6. Alloy Wheels

    Interested in 17 inchesTeledial Wheels and also in 18 inches Zender Sienna, preferable in very good condition. Can anyone, please tell me to what extent the driving behaviour changes in a Alfa Romeo gtv v6 turbo with 18 inches on and normal suspension?


  9. Welcome to the forums orfanoschris :)

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