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  1. Hi Rich,


    That would be great. It is proving to be a very difficult part to track down.  Any pictures would be most gratefully received.






  2. Can anyone tell me if they are having issues with deliveries from the club shop. I have placed 3 orders for stickers in recent months and none have been delivered. I was refunded for the first 2 orders however on the most recent occasion (3-4 weeks ago) I requested a tracking number which appears to have been disregarded by whoever dispatches the club orders. I have to say that as a member this is totally unacceptable and I'm beginning to feel as if this whole "Squadra 916" thing is just a big con. If a tracking order cannot be attached to an order then I suspect there is something fundamentally wrong with the dispatch process. I'd be very interested to hear if this is a problem that only I am experiencing or as I suspect, it is more widespread! Its about time the people running this site "got there fingers out" and ran it properly. If you can't do that, then close the thing down! As you can probably tell, I'm a little annoyed about the lack of professionalism here.
  3. Hi Charlee,


    My sticker order hasn't arrived again!!!!  This is the 3rd order I have placed and its the 3rd order that hasn't arrived.  I requested a tracking number with my last order.  Can you send it to me so that I can see where my order is. 



  4. 2001 GTV Cup Handbooks

    I'm after a complete set of handbooks with folder for my 2001 GTV Cup. If anyone can help, please contact me. Kind regards you all
  5. I'm after an original radio for my 2001 GTV Cup. If anyone can help, please contact me. Kind regards you all
  6. Ken McKay

    Ken McKay
  7. Hello

    Thank you to everyone that replied to my post. I decided to go with DTR Sports Cars in the end. They are local to me and have a fine reputation. I was given a tour round the workshops and the quality of there work was outstanding. I'm after a complete set of handbooks with folder and an original radio. If anyone can help, please contact me. Kind regards you all
  8. Hello Everyone, I've just purchased my first Alfa Romeo. A GTV Cup number 083. It needs a lot of TLC. If any member could recommend a good specialist garage in London, Surrey or Gatwick areas, I'd be very grateful. In the mean time please update the GTV Cup list with my details. I look forward to meeting you all at various meets during the summer. Kind regards to you all
  9. Ken McKay

    Ken McKay
  10. 083Cup

  11. Hello

    Hi Everyone, I'm very pleased to say that I have just bought my first Alfa! A GTV Cup, number 083. It needs a lot of TLC so if any member can recommend a specialist Alfa garage in Surrey, Gatwick or South London I'd be very grateful. I look forward to meeting you at various events during the summer Kind regards

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