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  1. Hi Rich,


    That would be great. It is proving to be a very difficult part to track down.  Any pictures would be most gratefully received.






  2. Electric Roof Advice Diagnosis

    This is where you should post technical questions! http://www.squadra916.com/forums/forum/7-technical-lounge/
  3. Yellow one

    Yellow one
  4. Spider 3.0 V6 RHD production numbers anyone?

    See this thread on the Alfaowner.com 916 forum: http://www.alfaowner.com/Forum/alfa-gtv-and-916-spider/136728-official-916-946-uk-registrations.html This only deals with UK registrations and not RHD in general (does not include HK, Ireland, Japan, Oz, NZ, etc etc) the data came from the UK licensing authority in 2008 Lists 11 Yellow V6 Spiders - I assume all were RHD, but some could have been LHD imports As for RHD Blue 3.0 v6 Spiders - none (in UK) - that colour was not available when the v6 Spider was introduced to the UK - I know, I wanted one in 2001, but had to settle for Lightning Blue Rich Edit: Just Noticed the OP is talking about a 2003 model - according to these stats there were no yellow V6 Spiders registered in the UK in 2003 - But I'm not answering his question at all because he is in Bangkok!
  5. Welcome to the forums rich_wookey :)