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  1. Alfa GTV Competizione

    hihi I am glad to hear that you like my project I've recieved my new Lithium Battery this is 0.5kg Compared to the ultralight 5kg Battery before absolute brutal XD I think it should be enough cranking power with 140A, but I will see later today When this works I will cut the long and haevy Battery cable (the one through the whole car ) and put it in the passenger footroom I'am not 100% shure if a lithium battery is really suitable with the stock alternator and so on, but we will see^^' at least it saves 5kg for very low cost XD
  2. Alfa GTV Competizione

    I have now freed the new rear axle for my gtv Its now alot easier to work on it and reduce it to whats needed.
  3. Alfa GTV Competizione

    shurly also because it has the best cw value of them with around the same power (aerodynamic coeffizient) We will see if I can smash the gearbox not the first thing which is going to brake ^^' q4 would of course be fun, but I think does not match to the sporty agily GTV. AWD is for me more a rally thing, where its really needed
  4. Alfa GTV Competizione

    yes, my insane plan: I saw the bimotore guy from Netherland. Which has an engine in the back of his gtv. And I thought why not just one engine with big turbo in the back. For maximum performance and traction over 350hp In the video he said that he used a 166 subframe reverse to mount the engine in the back. To make life easier I bought an 166 cuted in half and startet planing to do it the same way. I have allready written with the builder of the bimotore and earned some details to the build. Will be alot of fun, no space problem for my huge turbo
  5. Alfa GTV Competizione

    from what I heard the GTA Gearbox is longer (more highspeed) than the 3l and also stronger. 3l gearboxes I have 2 laying around. But I read once on the internet, the 3l has its limit from material at 280kmh. We will see I am happy when I get all to work and run ^^' its a ton of work I can switch and upgrade all later when its together, but next season I drive it still FWD. It has enough prework for rwd. in the next days, I do the alloy tank mod. this will get crazy weightsavings and frees allready the stuff for the later rear engine Here a Picture from the rear engine Project. Turbo manifold was almost done, but now I have the other big hp engine which I think I use. I am still reducing the half 166 to the minimum needed. But for this project I take enough time. As its the most extreme undone mod, I need to enjoy it Its easy, but alot of work.
  6. Alfa GTV Competizione

    You will see the carbon when the hood is closed Just the blub with a little chrome and the "xenon'ish" ball will look stock. (I attached a picture) I need to build the glass different than initially thought. I wanted to mould it with epoxy, but its too viscous, would need a ton of layers and will probably brake while unmoulding it. So next try is to do it with acryl glass. But this is ok, never done this before btw. the carbon part is 50g compared to stock 101g. The glass wil be interesting Btw. my 60l Alloy fueltank arrived on saturday. this will be the next step on this GTV, but at the moment I have to much projects startet^^' I have also bought a GTV from a friend which has a 3l 12v TB engine with forgend pistons and 500hp (unfortunately stock rods :S ). Not running for 3 years. This I will bring back to life and when the engine is as good as told, I will put this in my project This also has a Q2 and GTA Gearbox. But I am not shure for now, how I will do it. maybe forged Internals on the 24v would be better, but of course more expensive. I don't know yet, we will see
  7. Alfa GTV Competizione

    Headlight weight reduction. Original weight 2.3kg lets see whats possible I am also moulding new glasses they are 530g should be possible to build with max 100g I think
  8. Alfa GTV Competizione

    sorry for multipost, but impressive news: my carbonplenum is just 200g, saves 3kg to oem one (Still raw on the picture, is getting grinded now)
  9. Alfa GTV Competizione

    a detailshot
  10. Alfa GTV Competizione

    I have bought the one from ACT, but for legal reasons I didn't mount it till yet because of the carbonfiber they easily see that its modified^^' These ACT are to pretty to paint. I didn't want to show it first because I need do buy more clamps first^^' I have made a CarbonCopy of the ACT Actually I tried to optimize the actual ACT f.E. by grinding it on the inside as smooth as it gets out of the mould on the outside I also "removed" on mine the trompets, but I've formed the inside like trumpets. (I am actually not shure if the trumpets are just for easyer manufacturing or if the actually bring a benefit in there) Further I added gold heat reflect tape on the underside and my Plenum is actually felt lighter than the throttlebody For a first try it am very happy with the outcome, but at one little spot I grinded to much. when I throw it on for testdrive it gave a hole. I have made a pressure test with my compressor before, but it didn't work so well holding all the holes closed^^' I need to improve that next time. I will build a new much stronger one the next days for my N/A engine. For my turbobuild I build an insane bulletprove kevlar one Thx
  11. Alfa GTV Competizione

    some candy for your eyes bolted down of course with polyamid screws (~0.2g insted of 4g)
  12. Alfa GTV Competizione

    was so clear that this will come but I don't want the engine to be so dirty. Dirt is weight and dirt damages electronics :S Because of the height of the car and the insane wide wheels I allready have a very reduced wheel well I think I will not produce this for the mass. It would get too expensive to produce a mould and dry and harden the carbon in a temperated vacuum. I could produce a set for 550CHF, but I allready know Is too much for carbon covers on the international market. On the domestic there are just very few possible customers with a GTV. But with this knowledge, I am focussing my shop now more on the domestic trackday and tuning scene than on Alfisti as on the beginning. (My copy I produced ultrathin, I used the original part as mould. With this method its around 0.5-1mm thicker than original, which doesn't really matter to me regarding the lower material costs. But this is more work as I need to grind the surface flat and smooth, so no alternative for mass production using a negative mould.) Btw. I bought a GTV with a 3l 12v Turbo with insane internal mods incl. forged internals, running allready on insane 1.7Bar boost I will now upgrade this engine and throw it in the trunk of my GTV (after a ton of other stuff I will do first)
  13. Alfa GTV Competizione

    yes those.
  14. Alfa GTV Competizione

    Some news: Cutted of big exhaust tips saved unbeleavable 5kgs including mountings and so on XD that was easy^^' Also I made some more Carbonfiber parts as f.E. Carbon fiber side covers (with polyamid screws) this saved over a kilo ^^' Carbon fiber windshieldwiper covers
  15. Big Power GTV 16V Turbo!

    Great mod