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  1. Carbon Fiber GTV Body Parts

    The original Bonnet is around 30Kg A Fiber glass one is 11kg (I don't sell these) OEM Style Carbon fiber should be possible to build around 5-7kg I think. (Because of space I produce them to order. They are handmade by me and allways trimmed to maximum weight reduction ) I am not shure for now if I can produce a part in this size with the perfect bling glossy cf optic. Thats why I write in the product its bare carbon fiber and totally focussed on weight, as all the stuff in my shop . CHF is swiss francs.
  2. Carbon Fiber GTV Body Parts

    Hi All I am selling now superlight Carbon Fiber Parts. Since today also a Alfa Romeo GTV 916 OEM style Carbon Fiber Hood / Bonnet worldwide shipping https://roellin-racing-shop.ch/produkt/gtv-carbon-motorhaube/
  3. Alfa GTV Competizione

    Yes the demand for a cheaper fiberglass hood will be higher, I think too, but there is allready one who sells them (my hood is also fiberglass) For the GTV I just sell stuff which doesn't exist on the market. Of course I am aware the market for expensive bodywork modification on the GTV is anyway not very big. But I actually made the carbon parts for myself, reproducing is just bonus. Hey this looks actually good I like this solution for now I can just cut stickers, not printing, but when I find a solution which is not too expensive I will do that (custom stickers are here at my location almost priceless) Btw. I have now finally found a solution to stabilize the lexan windows. There was no way around a frame, if anyone else ever tries this, you can directly build window frame. (you will see it on later pics)
  4. Alfa GTV Competizione

    Thank you! Soon I try to sell more Alfa stuff which is new and unseen before on the market like the GTV Doors but unfortunatelly this carbon stuff is super expensive :'(
  5. Alfa GTV Competizione

    I had this idea too, looked horrible ^^ but I made a sticker with the scudetto with the mesh from the Giulia, not original one. maybe I give it later a try with printing it. but with the result now I am happy Have a look at it Yesterday I spent 7h with a friend wrapping the Martini Racing design. It is finally back and looks alot more aggressive like I wanted it Now some detail stickers will follow but mostly this is it And finally I have "just" two points left on the checklist until it gets ready to hit the road Windows and mirrors
  6. Alfa GTV Competizione

    I've added a Alfa logo on it like on the trunk this is a good workaround for this problem as I think. (but this time its just a sticker because of weight and aerodynamics of course ) For my use there is no need of an additional intake in the hood. cooling is for now no problem and in the future the engine will go in the trunk anyway I'm thinking more about a scudetto in the big hole on the bottom. ( I allways thought the original one was to high) But as it doesn't make it faster its low priority for me Maybe sometime I will produce a hood and frontbumper from carbon fiber in one piece but my "big turbo rear engine rwd project" has first prio after getting it back on the road I also thought about If I will get bored in the next years after having the turbo rear engine build done I could produce a carbon fiber monocoque ^^' Building a even more fun car and the fastest Alfa GTV916 in the world Buy parts in my shop to support me^^
  7. Alfa GTV Competizione

    I like to hear that you want to see more yesterday I ordered a better wrap foil to make the stripes I am very far on the todo list for getting it ready for the street In the mean time got certificated so produce carbon fiber parts with certificate to run on street in Switzerland I also have a now a shop in whitch I sell carbon fiber parts for a lot of cars (incl. GTV 916 parts) The last todo points are Martini wrap and stickers fixate the windows finally, mount the side mirrors and go for MFK (or mot in UK) The inside view is unbeleavable on top carbonfiber roof and strut, all carbonfiber and red steel piping from the cage
  8. Alfa GTV Competizione

    ok ok, you get pictures I moved today to my new and bigger garage where I have finally more space I had extended the splitter and also built fittings for the new carbon canards (but I am not shure if they are going to accept them ^^ ) Of course I need to paint the grill black and so on, but April is every year a lot of work to do at the office.
  9. Alfa GTV Competizione

    Yesterday I painted the GTV white and also made a stickerset This time the martini racing design will be alot more agressive, because its now widebody in front and rear and I can cut the stickers now at home as well as the stripes I will do myself so I can be shure its exactly as I want it The next weeks will be a bit quiet. Mainseason at the office and I'm moving to a bigger shop which I have to furnish at first. So the next steps will probably follow in two - three weeks when the workload gets less I don't share intentionally the pictures from the GTV in white because I have done some details which noone knows until now They will be kept as secret until I share progress with the martini design
  10. Alfa GTV Competizione

    at the moment I'm preparing it for painting but at the same time I'm moving to a biger shop. Where I then can build all those Carbon fiber parts for the mass As you have seen on the pictures before there was a steelstrut under the roof. (which of couse was not very stabile) I built this also with carbon fiber Steel 600g Carbon 200g ^^ not that its necessary or relevant, but because I can^^ Its now much stronger than the steel one safety first Btw. just to be sure, do you also think I should redo the martini racing design ? (but this time its getting a bit more brutal )
  11. Alfa GTV Competizione

    I open them with the normal lock just not mounted yet The original factory weight I can't say, but with window lifter and all this stuff it weighted a ton should be at least 35kg each I think.
  12. Alfa GTV Competizione

    combined with the new roof I'm now slightly under 1100kg it should be at 1098kg I've cutted out the original 6kg roof, welded the cage to the cassis and then clued the 2kg carbon roof in with a epoxy glue and fixated it with rivets. I saved 4Kg at the highest point of the car and increased the stiffnes very much. Thats a huge success. One of the next steps will be to replace the top strut under the roof also with one of carbon fiber of course this should be maybe an other kg or 2 also on a very high point
  13. Alfa GTV Competizione

    Btw. the doors are mounted. I calculated 22kg saved with this
  14. Alfa GTV Competizione

    good that you ask the outer Panel is 10kg+isolating mat, mine is 2kg. I will produce them in serie with 3kg. They will be available in my shop later. (My shop is in work, will include some carbon 916 stuff, shipping worldwide ) If you don't want to give up electronic windows and don't have a cage in it (then you shouldnt remove the strut inside the door) you could save around 10kg this would make 20kg complete. But there are a lot cheaper ways to save weight. My Door is now 6kg I saved another 22kg at the doors. Now I will finish all stuff up, paint it and get it ready for road Of course I will post some pictures here during this process, or its also almost live available on inst*gram (sorry for advertising :S ) .
  15. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    Nice work! Must sound brutal what material is it?