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  1. A new picture from the selvio pass ( 2. highest in europe) my gtv did a great job
  2. No, I had a 2.0Ts a few years ago, nothing for this project. When I just wanted to get a lighter car I had to keep the tiny original wheelsize and no wing and so on, but I want to build the ultimate GTV. I'm planning to go for a big supercharger installation (which of course will be tried to be done by myself ). With this and a few other mods done, I will try to hit the 400ps mark. I think this should be drivable as FWD with my extreme wide new OZ Alleggeritas, a soon comming quaife diff and all the stiffnes mods. I got also a Nitrous Express kit at home, but the gearbox wont like more than 400ps anyway, so I think I put the nos project to the grave^^' With this setup it should be possible to reach the weight goal from 999kg and 400ps and still keep it drivable Backup plan for the future if I accidentally get more than 400ps is to put the engine incl. gearbox to the rear. (I saw the guy from Netherlands which putted 2 engines in and I asked myself, why not just put one strong enginge in the back? like Porsche does it since years ) But we will see what the future brings. As this car is a keeper I have the next years to build the ultimate beast Of course buying a Porsche or Ferrari would may be cheaper, but boring:)
  3. I have built a new fresh air intake. a small filter and maybe also a small fan will follow
  4. whats the weight of the new OZ wheels? They would look great. difficult to decide which size, 19" would look fantasic, but 18 are lighter.. hmmm
  5. Interieur nearly finished. Since my last driving I saved another 65kg. It was late yesterday, some better pictures will follow soon.
  6. Again weight savings and. the dash just need to be wired and mounted back in. Then I can finally drive again
  7. I saved again weight by cutting out the stuff from the drivers door. Now the GTV should be 1199.1 KG I also did the finish on the dashboard, today I start drilling holes everywhere and after this rebuild. Btw. I added now the startbutton, was even easier then I thought ^^ -> I put the howto in the thread I started from a while.
  8. Welding the struts is finished and primered. And also the alloy strut (from an other rollcage so very strong btw.) is in place. Now I can rewire all the stuff. I removed 2kg of wiring under the dash (it still starts ) There is alsoa lot of steel near the steering axle maybe I can remove some additional wheight While removing the covers at the wiper I found isolation under the motor juhu easy wheight reduction Here the pictures:
  9. Lightweight tuning everywhere I have now finally found a project name for my Alfa - CARBONara noting is more italian than this and translated it also means Carbon altar
  10. I'm not shure, here are also a lot of meeting in my near which I have to go, but I will see short time before the meeting started yesterday with the update. I saw this picture in the internet from the blue one which welded this to the cage. As the front axle of the gtv is a weak point anyway I decided to this also
  11. Pictures of the alloy strut sould follow this week, I removed it again, because I have to weld the cage together with the camber plates (probably not the correct word, but you will see ) As I have to test engine modifications specially, I moved this to the end of the year because I want to get a supercharger as well for this expensive test, so I have to pay just once ) ( I have also allready bought a Nitrous Express system for additional Intercooler cooling ) this will be fun with the handling and weight upgrade
  12. I will go for a megasquirt ecu, with this I dont need a maf sensor (as they said, it can calculate it or so ) very sad that the ultra racing strut not fitted, I would recoment if you want one of these let one build them directly on your car as mine didnt fit without haevily modifying them. yesterday I tooked out the steelstrut in front an puted in a more strength alu strut (not mounted on the picture) including one kilo of isolation it saves me 6.5kg and also yesterday I bought new carbon fiber seats. (i had before gfk seats which are around 6 - 6.5 kg. ) the new seats are with its mounts around 3.5kg just unbeleavable how light they are im still amazed
  13. yes exactly a build with an existing mould is a lot faster. But I'm not doing a mould for a part every time , sometimes I just build it on top of the original part. To safe time. This gives also a good result, but of course a bit bigger. But on some points it doesent matter. With this material I have done this parts: But a mould I have just for the dash. But the das is of course optimized for my needs ( without airbag and some other modifications) Radiator cover top and bottom (top was 1Kg , my part around 250g ; the bottom one was 1.5kg and mine 272g) Fuse holder over the front right wheel. (original was rusty and around 800g , mine 200 (my first part ) Dashboard (original 9kg my part 2.134kg ) next part will be the roof. this sould originally be between 11-20kg (depends on how much I cut out) Btw. I saved 10kg by cutting out the double floor and double center console. And with a optimized harnest bar (instead of two steel struts a alloy one (look at the atachement) I saved again 6kg. Now I'm removing every single cable which is unneeded under the dash (allready 1kg)
  14. the basalt fiber I bought from ebay. (you could also buy carbon fiber insted, but basalt is a lot cheaper to lern ) You build the parts exactly in the same way as carbon fiber. With a mold an vacuum. But for the dasboard I had not big enough bags for vacuum, so I did it with weights. f.E. http://www.ebay.ch/itm/151395472573?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT One of my next projects ist to get rid of the heavy roof. and rebuild it with basalt. I calculated the weight of the roof around 11kgs. Seams worthwile. And for your question , it is a diy job yes. but needs a lot of work and time. And for the first time better try little parts as I did before. This saves you time an d money^^ The dash tooked me around a week. but I'm still in the learning process. I think the roof could be done in one weekend.