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  1. Alfa GTV Competizione

    Its getting crazier every day The roof is finished. Now I build a carbon fiber trunk should this wil save at least aditional 10kg (the actual is around 15kg) After finishing the trunk I will paint them and cut the steel roof ( In same step I will weld the cage to the chassis on top). A bit later I think I will also do the doors but first I have to pass the material test to drive it legally on the road and also because I want to be save of course. One of the next steps is to build the strut under the roof also with carbon. Shall I also do the floor carbon? the rear side wall I will probably do next year when I've got done my engine plans but my plans are allmost too crazy to write it down^^ In the last months I learned how to chiptune. I also want to remap it very aggressivly this spring So long story short heres an new picture from the process btw. please if you see any weight tell me, its really difficult now on the picture I'm producing the negative of my allready modified trunk.
  2. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    check this relays: http://www.squadra916.com/forums/topic/4071-starting-problem/ I had similar issues on my cf2 3l
  3. Alfa GTV Competizione

    Corresponding to my calculation the steel roof weights at least 11kg. for the carbon fiber roof i Used 1.2kg epoxy resin and 2.32kg carbon fabric. But it should weight less than this at the end, because I cut off the overlapping parts and also some of the resin will be pressed out the form. I guess it willl be around 3kg at the end + 100-200g paint, sealant, and rivets. I also think It should be harder than the original roof, and it gives me the possibillity to weld the cage from above directly to the chassis which will also increases the stability But at the moment its a very boring process, because of the low tempratures here its allready hardening for x days now
  4. GTV 3.0 V6 24V Paso

    Very nice steering wheel
  5. Alfa GTV Competizione

    so then you see this exclusive picture from pressing the carbon fiber roof At this time the pressing is allready finished and dryed one day. Now I let it dry for an other day before I harden it with UV light
  6. Alfa GTV Competizione

    Pictures from building the mould for a carbon fiber roof next step getting the mould smooth and strong and after that -> build the carbon fiber roof I'm curious if it will be stronger than the steel roof, my carbon experiments had shown that it will be. But in any case it will be much lighter I've used around 5 m2 fiberglass and 2.5 kg poliester resin for this.
  7. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    I know that problem just too good XD If I could I woud probably drive around like it sounds with just headers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPdQ8qbHl9c
  8. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    Great Sound
  9. Alfa GTV Competizione

    I've made an interesting find on the weekend. The original mirrors are 1.3Kg :S I built an carbon adapterplate fitting the GTV for the GT3 mirrors (btw. also the carbon plate is made myself ) The new mirrors are around 230g So in total 2.2kg less and of course improved aerodynamics the good news are now I am able to build strong enough carbon to build my carbon fiber roof, and later kevlar doors
  10. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    you should upgrade to a alloy cooler when you are doing this work. have you read my thread about the 155 radiator which almost was a perfect fit? btw. a friend of mine has the radiator from auto delta, and mine did actually fit better
  11. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    the edges on the intercooler with red piping are not very flow efficient, this could be optimized.
  12. GTV TB: GT2560R & FMIC upgrade

    Looks great, looking forward to see more
  13. Alfa GTV Competizione

    I will weight it next spring again, until then I want a lot of weight to go The total weight saving with this windows (also with the rear ones) is a bit more than 20kg But my calculation still says around 1140kg Its getting more and more difficult but I still see a lot uf unneeded weight. But I have also bought a Rotrex supercharger. this weight and also that from the big and haevy intercooler needs to be compensated :S
  14. Alfa GTV Competizione

    Again new stuff lexan windows 1.95kg ; original windows 6kg the rear windows will follow the next days and will bring around additional 10kg
  15. Alfa GTV Competizione

    new additional hood quickrelease. now the light GFK hood will hold better at high speeds