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  1. I have redone the lower part unter the radiator. Beginning from around 1.5kg to the allready optimized metal part 958g (red one on the picture) finally to the basalt fiber one: 272g. The GTV is getting faster every day
  2. the equal lenght pipes are in. They needed a lot of change until they fitted. but unfortunately I have to rebuild a complete new 4 point strut as the one from Ultra Racing doesen't fit anymore. on the pictures you see how urgently it was to change these pipes
  3. I didnt remove the original plenum, but the carbon wheights almost nothing. the trottle body is feeled haevier then the plenum. also the sparkplug cover weights nothing. I will mount the plenum next spring, when I also change to Mega squirt ECU.
  4. Again new fun parts arrived. Equal lenght frontpipes from cybox, carbon plenum (allready fitted my F430 tb) and spark plug cover from ACT. More pictures will follow.
  5. I finally recieved my stainless steel sportscat Hint: its a euro5 200cells kat, that means have much better emissions than with the original cf2 cat, even when I change to very agressive camshafts
  6. Nice Idea. this would also fix this problem I think
  7. I got the Ultra Racing front lower 4 point bar and a new 30cm steering wheel mounted
  8. I'm from Zug. Nice to know I'm not the only one around with a GTV Maybe we should meet some time
  9. Nice GTV super combination with the wheels. from where in Switzerland do you come?
  10. Competizione

  11. I ment the gfk hood is directly from the shop, I just modded it so it fitts my wide rims I think it was from https://www.italo-welt.de/ 11kg instead of around 29.7 or so. Have you seen, I got a Alfa logo on the hood in form of a Scudetto
  12. The Door opener is hidden behind the roll cage. Passengers are allways searching ^^ In the attachement I add a old picture on which you can see it. (Unfortunately I made holes for these speakers :'( ) Changed a lot since then in 2012-13 I even changed the alloy pedals to carbon ones
  13. I think racecars are a attitude towards life (google translate, I hope it makes sense^^). Thats why I got Sparcos even in my VW T4 (parts transporter for my gtv of course) You are more save in your car with the roll cage this should be enough to mount it The 330er torax brakes are working perfectly, I got also those steel flex braking pipes. In comparison with my 156er (2.5l supercharged btw.) the brakes are phenomenal better. My rollcage is bolt on and 'just' screwed right, I just welded the to plate. This is needed to hold it road legal. But this winter I will make some additional pipes under the dash to get the car even more stiff. And on the japan page Orque I saw some more bars wich I will copy. Because our Tipo 2 front axle needs some improvements for the track :). Btw. on youtube I saw a guy in a 156er 2l ts with Turbo witch (in addition to the description) 1000ps. Could be a fun project.
  14. Very clean and shiny I like your exhaust, I think the flow is much better without the original curves.
  15. These are flat exactly. Its some kind of flexible plastic plates (2mm thick) from the DIY market. You can form this material easily with a heat gun or cut it with a knife. In my case I've putted the original panels on this plate and marked the form to cut it later with a knife. I finished that with carbon foil and stickers. The door handles you could buy from sparco on ebay f.e. I made mine myself. I guess its like 300g per side. Around the same weight as real carbon would be. Because I dont need the stability here I choosed the more economical solution.