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  1. you should upgrade to a alloy cooler when you are doing this work. have you read my thread about the 155 radiator which almost was a perfect fit? btw. a friend of mine has the radiator from auto delta, and mine did actually fit better
  2. the edges on the intercooler with red piping are not very flow efficient, this could be optimized.
  3. Looks great, looking forward to see more
  4. I will weight it next spring again, until then I want a lot of weight to go The total weight saving with this windows (also with the rear ones) is a bit more than 20kg But my calculation still says around 1140kg Its getting more and more difficult but I still see a lot uf unneeded weight. But I have also bought a Rotrex supercharger. this weight and also that from the big and haevy intercooler needs to be compensated :S
  5. Again new stuff lexan windows 1.95kg ; original windows 6kg the rear windows will follow the next days and will bring around additional 10kg
  6. new additional hood quickrelease. now the light GFK hood will hold better at high speeds
  7. I didn't try to order with 5x98 the rims are standard expensive enough. in this size you just get 5x130 (Porsche). Because of the widebody I need anyway 0 offset at the wheels so I had to order adapterplates from 5x98 to 5x130.
  8. this is because my gtv is very wide on the back (since I have widened it 12cm on the rear and around 10cm on the front. Its not just about build the the lightest gtv, it is allways a compromis between aerodynamics, price and performance. If I just wanted to build the lightest gtv I shouldn't have 330er brakes, no 24v v6, no cage, and so on. 235er tires are on the rims for now (bought them occ.) with new tires I will look again what fits best. tyi I won't let it on standard power, and I will let the option open to change to rear engine rwd (if its possible to get this road legal) this is why I install the widest possible rims on it
  9. I have finally mounted my OZ Wheels they are looking great, but with the pirelli p-Zero are really haevy, this makes the weight difference unfortunatelly less than expected. but I will change the tires to toyo to have less weight. Weights: OZ Alleggerita: Rear 11x18 - 9.55Kg ( with tire (Pirelli P Zero 295/30) 24Kg) Front 9x18 - 8.25Kg ( with tire (Pirelli P Zero 235/40) 19.3Kg) Keskin KT1 ( rims before (they where bought when just style and size mattered )) Rear 10x18 - 16.4Kg ( with tire (Yokohama Semi 295/30) 29,4KG) Front 8.5x18 - 14Kg ( with tire (Hankook (street tire) 225/40) 24.3Kg) Weight original 7x17 Rims 11.3Kg + 10 Tire =21.3Kg Does anyone know light tires? btw. also my lexan windows from plastics4performance are arived. I will install them the next days.
  10. I added these for styling and for "theoretical improvements" to messure it I would need to test the VMax again on the german highway, but i I need to do others first until I go to test again. I installed a Laptimer on my tablet on the dash. with this I can messure improvements in 0-100 and 100-200km/h speeds as well as vmax. But I did also some real improvements lately. I added some heat reflective foil to some important places as f.E. the MAF Then I finally mounted the blue silicon hoses and painted the original plenum black ( carbon plenum can just be mounted with getting it expensive tested to drive it on the street) but I test fitted and weighted it. the Carbon plenum with f430 TB is around 2kg lighter than the original one
  11. Hi all, I have this part in my GTV which is unnessesary now. Is anyone interestet? If it helps someone its free, you just need to pay shippment costs. PartNr. 60663718
  12. Good to know that there is still an easy way to save weight but for the next time I use this battery, not that I bought it for nothing ^^' I'm doing some detail work at the moment, I bought a complete powerflex set, from which I recently fitted the easiest one on top of the engine. really good quality I also got some vortex generators on the roof, and new airflow improvements at the front (picture follow later) The startbutton is also finally placed.
  13. I know iridium batterys, but 1kg? maybe you have a 4 cilinder car?. The lightest batterys I know are these: https://www.liteblox.de/ But they are expensive as hell, specially because I would need the middle one of theyr set for a V6 Edit: Ah sorry you said mr2, all clear. For a V6 more ampere is needed to start It thats why I can't take the smallest. but 5kg are less enought for the moment
  14. Nice do you use Fiat gearbox? and driveshaft? How is the drivabillity?
  15. to be honest I share your thought about that strut in the trunk, but when I had mounted it I shaked it hard to see if it does anyting, you could feel that its very stiff now. I think they didn't do it just for fun but in my special case is this also for the future, I want to cut out the trunk mould and the fuel tank cover and replace the fuel tank with a alloy one. But for now I don't know anything about fuel tanks and fuel pumps. Whats needed and what has to be done to do it properly. Thats why I wait and maybe try it on one of my other cars first I know that undertray from Orque yes. But because it fits also to the original bumper I would need to modify also this one. Thats why I take the one I have. But I'm gaining a lot of experiences with carbon during the last year. Maybe when I have modified the airflows from that one I have, I can build one in carbon, or even carbon kevlar