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  1. One small Norwegian Squadra916 meeting :)

    Im sorry Charlee, try again And Kunev, let me know if you visit again! As I got new hobbies, I almost forgot this forum... Sorry..
  2. Someone here?

    That has taken this picture?
  3. Shit! I regret...

    Sold my GTV late November. I now regret. Most because I have yet not found what I want replace it with. Still no Ghibli in sight, the car I wanted was sold to another and all others seem to be too expensive. A 3200GT is also under consideration. But most likely no fun at a track. The GTV had it all. Great look, super handling and cheap in running costs! What to do? Budget of 15000EUR. -Duden
  4. The TBI!

    This is the thread of my 159. Just got it today. Late 2010 TBI TI with lots of extras... In with the MiTo and out with a 159...
  5. Back to the roots!

    I'm back! Where it all started, with RWD and Busso this time! My first and second Alfa was both Alfa 75 TS, and for the last ten years I have been waiting for a chance to own a Busso powered 75... This is a rare find, a very nice 75 6V iniezione with low milage and some nice modifications.
  6. My new performance car

    Ultraleggera Looking good Kunev. Nice color on the 155. Seem like a serious project to fit the brakes. I guess you can tell me all about it when we meet next time.
  7. The TBI!

    I have a TMC tuning module that I removed from my car because I wanted a proper remap. If you want I can send it to you. I also have a brand new BMC air filter to your car. Let me know if it sounds tempting. I´d guess 120EUR plus shipping is what I need to get break even
  8. Filip's GTV TS Clubsport project

    I know. You're speechless All hail the Doblo. I call it Duplo. Scandi for big legopieces http://www.lego.com/nb-no/duplo/products?cmp=KAC-CONO16JanDuploGoogle-searchBrand&gclid=CjwKEAjw2PK7BRDPz5nDh9GjoGcSJAAybcS3toW-usZtjni65dIMcCDPO7D64Clhird9iJdzHza67xoCXXHw_wcB#/
  9. The TBI!

    Haha no, but broke up with GF so needed a cheaper car and I have started a small detailing business... Because I drive home to the customer I need a bit more practical car. I'll be back with AR before you know it again. Just need to sort out some stuff. Breaking up is not cheap
  10. The TBI!

    Nice Gaincho! Looks stunning in black with the clean roads of Las Palmas. Have you remapped it? Best thing you can do! 240hp/380+NM Ragazzon went off again. It was some aftermarket SS exhaust on the rear boxes already, and they were smaller an made more noise than Rag ones... I see you have the typical Norwegian style 159 with roof railing I just recent sold mine. Driving Doblo nowadays
  11. Filip's GTV TS Clubsport project

    Hah, that's nothing. Here's mine with 17"
  12. Filip's GTV TS Clubsport project

    You know that behind every Alfa there is a Fiat!
  13. Filip's GTV TS Clubsport project

    What's the PCD and ET on those MAK GTV TB? 5x98? And wheel size? They maaay fit my Doblo EDIT: Saw the info I needed a blit down on the page Too small for me... I'd like 17" on the Doblo
  14. One small Norwegian Squadra916 meeting :)

    Haha. Had no time to visit Biltema unfortunatley but we made it to a good Italian Pizza place, although it took a bit more time than expected. Nice to meet you Kunev! Look forward to next time!
  15. The TBI!

    Winter tyres can be nice too
  16. GTV 3l Wanted!

    Hi. I'm in search for a GTV 3.2... If anybody can lead me to one, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm searching all over Europe. PM or mail: magnus.svendsen@live.no
  17. GTV 3l Wanted!

    If someone have a ph2 24V for sale, please let me know. Not more than €6000,-
  18. Shit! I regret...

  19. Shit! I regret...

    Found these: I might have to pay them a visit... http://www.mobile24.no/details.php?id=214957144&offset=19&source=mob&type=autos〈=nor http://www.mobile24.no/details.php?id=215690759&offset=9&source=mob&type=autos〈=nor
  20. The TBI!

    Image says more than 1000 words! Sent from my Alfa Romeo!
  21. The TBI!

    Neeeeeet... I try not to floor it before 3rd gear
  22. The TBI!

    Update 06.08.15 - Remap, OZ Ultraleggera! So, the day finally came. Got my precious OZ Utlraleggera HLT on! Spot on in my opinion! And after removing the TMC software from the car some weeks ago I wanted more power. Yesterday I went to a tuning specialist and he remapped the car properly! This is the best mods I've done to the car. 240HP and 400NM! Good night!
  23. The TBI!

    Hehe. It is already remapped I hope not. That bastard... No, I think he like to sleep in the cage.
  24. The TBI!

    70000km, Engine check lamp and beautiful scenery... When driving home from a trip up northwest and back the engine control lamp began to light after I got back and the car passed 70000kms... hehe Diagnosis and oil/AC service tomorrow... But nice scenery at least:
  25. The TBI!

    UPDATE 09.06.2015: New wheels ordered!!! 19" Ultraleggera HLT 5x110 Michelin Pilot Super Sport 235/35-19 tyres

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