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  1. Hi everyone, I hope I'm posting this in the right section... I used to own a blue 1996 ph1 TwinSpark and sold it 5 years ago. My parents bought it for me when I entered college as my first car in 2006 and I couldn't believe how lucky I was to be driving such a cool car, even if it was 10 years old by then. It never ceased to turn heads and everyone in the streets would ask me what kind of car it was. Back then Alfas were a rare sight in the Dominican Republic, only 12 916's were brought here when initially manufactured. A few spiders and only one 3.0L. I got it from a doctor who owned many sports cars and didn't have anymore space for the little Alfa. I was too young and too lazy to take care of the car, much the dislike of my parents who had to pay for the "exotic" and frequent repair bills. I owned it for 4 years and had to see her go. At the time I was focused on my studies and felt relieved that I didn't have to worry about the car breaking down again. After that, everytime I spot a 916 on the streets I feel a great deal of nostalgy. I remember the never working sunroof, the crappy stereo, the hint of petrol smell mixed with Italian leather smell, the super cool dials in the central console, the heavy clutch during traffic, the amazing handling and the breakdowns. I loved it all. On occasion I have dreams of driving the car again only to wake up feeling like this car really means something to me. Things are looking well right now and I plan to get another Alfa and most definitely another 916 sometime in the future. I'm now much better prepared to take care of one. I'm an architect but I also enjoy graphic design. A few days ago I decided to create something about two things that I like a lot: the 916's and the 80's. I created this illustration from scratch in Illustrator and Photoshop and then decided to do a poster and a wallpaper with an 80's feel to it. If you need a high resolution version of the poster or a different resolution format for the wallpaper please let me know. I hope you guys like it.

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