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  1. Purple against your red car ... I wish I had such friends .. just plopp/fit the short shifter in place (it is not hard to do) . and afterwards good luck with not been able to get into any gears (PM me if you want to get rid of the purple thing) .... I am just jealous .
  2. Yeah .. GTVs have never been comfortable when they sound tamed, so she have probably fixed it by herself .
  3. More porn is needed ... and welcome/välkommen till 916 träsket .
  4. Added weight to the car ....
  5. Gaincho .. you never give up .. refreshing . Mario, a lovely car that you have .
  6. Wow! propeller shaft vibrations and ripped apart/broken gearbox mountings .. i like it , nice car that you have found and nice wheels (despite not to be ultraleggera ) , lovely to have you back on the forum .
  7. Soon I hope
  8. I still have this embarrassing problem .... every time I see a picture of your car.
  9. I also have got my sleeves today.
  10. Silicone sleeves are heading towards Sweden.
  11. insulation
  12. 1. charlee 39mm x1 unbranded2. Performatechnik 39mm 1x3. Thanos 39mm x1 black unbranded4. GTV_City 44mm 2x sets black unbranded5. CGC 44mm x1 Black Unbranded Extra thick. 6. jonlane 39mm X1 black unbranded 7 Welshsteve 44mm x1 Black unbranded extra thick please. 8. GTV-TB 39mm x1 black unbranded extra thick. Like this
  13. No, not without cutting it into pieces, there is much things to be passed through the insulation and the brake system must be dismounted if you want to be able to mount the original insulation in one piece .... sorry.
  14. A three spoke steering wheel from a GTV (916) or Alfa 166 (Ph1) fits (plug and play).