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  1. Hrrmmm .. 145 (boxer or TS?) is fastest of what I can see on the pictures :-)
  2. hehe .. a lot of German porno (cars) and a bit with Italian style .. I love the Porsche traktor.
  3. Still Stelvio Pass ? ... much sun -> not seen in Sweden this year, great picture .
  4. Nice car you have .. I have heard about Strängnäs Cathedral, Swedish Tank Museum etc, but is there also a serpentine road in Strängnäs, like that one on the sunny picture ?
  5. Purple against your red car ... I wish I had such friends .. just plopp/fit the short shifter in place (it is not hard to do) . and afterwards good luck with not been able to get into any gears (PM me if you want to get rid of the purple thing) .... I am just jealous .
  6. Yeah .. GTVs have never been comfortable when they sound tamed, so she have probably fixed it by herself .
  7. More porn is needed ... and welcome/välkommen till 916 träsket .
  8. Added weight to the car ....
  9. Gaincho .. you never give up .. refreshing . Mario, a lovely car that you have .
  10. Wow! propeller shaft vibrations and ripped apart/broken gearbox mountings .. i like it , nice car that you have found and nice wheels (despite not to be ultraleggera ) , lovely to have you back on the forum .
  11. Soon I hope
  12. I still have this embarrassing problem .... every time I see a picture of your car.
  13. I also have got my sleeves today.
  14. Silicone sleeves are heading towards Sweden.