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  1. I also have got my sleeves today.
  2. Silicone sleeves are heading towards Sweden.
  3. insulation
  4. 1. charlee 39mm x1 unbranded2. Performatechnik 39mm 1x3. Thanos 39mm x1 black unbranded4. GTV_City 44mm 2x sets black unbranded5. CGC 44mm x1 Black Unbranded Extra thick. 6. jonlane 39mm X1 black unbranded 7 Welshsteve 44mm x1 Black unbranded extra thick please. 8. GTV-TB 39mm x1 black unbranded extra thick. Like this
  5. No, not without cutting it into pieces, there is much things to be passed through the insulation and the brake system must be dismounted if you want to be able to mount the original insulation in one piece .... sorry.
  6. A three spoke steering wheel from a GTV (916) or Alfa 166 (Ph1) fits (plug and play).
  7. Light wheels are .. and your GTV is luscious .
  8. My personal opinion is that spoked rims looks so much better out on a Alfa than what ET call home rims does , it's a cocky car you have there, really nice looking.
  9. Hi No, I mean the spring loaded levers on the rear brake calipers there the handbrake cables are connected to the brake calipers.
  10. It's a bit hard to see on your pictures but it seems that you have rear braking load proportioning valve with a lever, is the spring between the lever and rear ARB connected and intact, is the lever free to move, is the lever pre-load set correctly. On the rear brake calipers can the handbrake lever on them move completely back to its resting position when you release the handbrake? When you replace the rear brake pads was the pistons screwed into the brake calipers? BrakingLoadProportioningValve.pdf
  11. You have a stepper motor (on fan/heater/AC unit) which regulates the flow of hot/cold air maybe the stepper motor is faulty, you also have one temp sensor in the wing mirror and one inside the car (with an small fan) that might behave badly.
  12. Welcome to squadra 916, can you tell about the shape/look on your bizarre phenomena.
  13. Temperature sensor/switch on radiator faulty (down at lower radiator hose), shortcuts to earth? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Intermotor-Radiator-Fan-Temperature-Switch-Engine-Cooling-Genuine-OE-Quality-/390972808186?hash=item5b07cb9bfa:g:Bn8AAOSwuAVWznrp
  14. What is it for fault warning light you are hiding with the sticker?