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  1. Hailtech

  2. The Millau Bridge

    Spider TB Blue Victoria

    © Hailtech

  3. Alfa Spider in the French Provence & Côte d'Azur

    I had no passenger airbag in my former V6. Opskier, very nice car, but you should get rid of those park dent, call any "good" paintless dent removal technician
  4. Alfa Romeo Spider

    Alfa Romeo Spider
  5. Snow White tales

    Hopefully @ Charlee, he was just driving too fast
  6. Snow White tales

    END OF THE STORY... Never let ANYBODY drive your baby !!! The only good thing is that my son has quite nothing: the greatest fear of his life and a few medical clips in the head. A car is just a car! Nothing compared to a life. KEEP SAFE DRIVING GUYS !!!
  7. Stickers

    Nice stuff!!!
  8. Snow White tales

    Well done, but I'd prefer to fit it inside and hide it behind the genuine grille
  9. Bilstein B6 + Eibach springs

    Arrgh! I need to be faster next time
  10. Snow White tales

    It look quite big, but that's an 8"... I'd like to see your pics
  11. Alfa curiosities, merchandising, life style...

    Your Marvellous Cute Alfa
  12. Alfa curiosities, merchandising, life style...

    Seen in a village
  13. Joris 3.0 Spider cup.

    Love your spider Welcome !
  14. GTV "Cup look" by ToxyMaTT

    Great! This car is a jewel
  15. Snow White tales

    16.5 cm, with a large magnet and a rubber protection, that's why I have been obliged to grind down a bit. Next step: I am trying to fit a strong subwoofer insteed of the rear "loud" speaker

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