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  1. My sons GTV TB

    Yes, we know. Those are the winter wheels. We have a set of 17" for the summer tires. Multi spoke wheels. I think they where sold to the GT model and late 156. we should had the origional wheels of course. We dont know what happen to those. we also have a set of Speedline wheels witch is the origional wheels for the 164 QV. They could be very nice to the GTV indeed.
  2. Goedemiddag, bonjour, hello

    Really nice color on your car. Looks almost new.
  3. My sons GTV TB

    Thanks for all comments😃 You are most kind👍 Kind regards, Atle
  4. My sons GTV TB

    Bougt 3 weeks ago😎. Has been for sale a whole year on a Alfa dealer high up north in Harstad. There are no marked for these cars up there, so now its back to Oslo where it has been imported in 2001. It started its life in northern Germany. The town Kiel. Its a 1998 model, and has 204.000km on the clock, but thats no problem for a 916. It came to an Alfa family of 3 other cars. A 2015 Giulietta QV line 170-TCT, a 166 2,5 Sportronic 2001, and a 1992 164 QV. 3 Busso engines and a TBI. just love the Busso engines😎👍 Best regards, Atle-Norway
  5. Welcome to the forums AlfaGuzzi :)