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916 Merchandise

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 Unfortunately, CafePress have high base prices, so there is not much room we can work with.

I see the shop and prices today and I think that the prices are high (from my point of view and prices in Bulgaria) and also didn't see anything for shipping cost.

Charlee could not you find some chinese (or bulgarian ;) ) company for fabricating of goods :D, just a joke  :) .

But after all the shop looks nice and in the future probably will have much more items and maybe option for some kind of custom goods  ;). Maybe in that topic can be placed suggestions and even design of some things from peoples with ideas (but in that case have to be payed for author rights :D ).

P.S. I'm sure that is not so easy to be organized such shop in all aspects, so congratulations  :thumbsup: .

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Thanks Kunev!

I really don't have the time to manage a shop and trust me, I'd really love if we could manage the shop ourselves as we could do a lot more custom stuff.

I agree that SOME of the prices are high, but this stuff is definitely high quality and don't forget that the designs are unique and sexy :P

If you have someone in Bulgaria who can print all that stuff, you are very much welcome to help :)

And about the shipping, you can find it on the site. Their rates are reasonable.

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charlee this manufacturer, does he make shirts for fat people like me? i need a 7XL im a big big guy =) ( i just squeeze into a GTV hehe)

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7XL? That can also be used as a car cover I guess. Only joking!

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