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  1. alfaman51

  2. Alfaman51

    Cup No 107 -Spring Cleaned, Mot passed, ready to go!
  3. Return of the Cup

    Koni sports rear dampers are adjustable but it's a real pain to do as you have to remove them from the car to do it... I think that I am going to go two clicks softer and see what happens then. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Return of the Cup

    No engine pics this time.. just a report on progress. I found that the car was getting too warm in traffic ....cooling fan not cutting in when it should, but now fixed. I have turned my attention to the suspension this month. The front struts were looking well past their prime so I have replaced all the struts/ dampers with Koni sport units. I have also replaced the springs with Eibach springs which mean that the car sits just a little lower. The rear dampers only have 4 settings. I have had mine set to position 3 , but I think it is a fraction too hard. The fronts are fully soft to start with and I will try increasing the firmness little by little.... Has anyone else out there tried Konis? If so, what do you think?
  5. Return of the Cup

    I've been too busy with work recently. No Time to play! A6C , I think that your engine must be a CF 2 unit. ( Probably the best of the 3.0 litre V 6's in my view) . The black box is no more than a plastic box which protects some connectors. The oil breather is a temporary solution . When I have time I intend to replace the two breather pipes with braided steel hoses and join them via a T piece so that they both vent into the inlet tract between the plenum chamber and the MAF sensor unit. At the moment only one vents that way. Does anyone think that this will cause a problem?
  6. Alfa gtv v6 project black edition

    Wow... that's all been a lot of work. I love to see a car saved from the clutches of the breaker's yard, or left to rot on someone's drive. Impressive!
  7. Return of the Cup

    It's back! Mot duly passed without advisories. A clean bill of health to start the year. I spent yesterday working on the engine bay. I stripped out both fuel rails and used Westwood paint to re-create the cadmium coating of the original finish. Uses a gold base layer then translucent red and green colours to create the final effect. I had taken the intake pipes off to do this so they were cleaned and polished. New red silicon couplers were used to replace the original rubber items which were ageing and cracked where they had become heat hardened. I also refinished all the allen bolts and other fixings. Here are the results....
  8. Saved another....

    Good work - I hate to see them scrapped. I always feel sorry for them and I am a hopeless optimist when it comes to working out how much work is actually going to be needed ( and what it will cost) I think of it as a hobby but my wife says it's a disease!
  9. Return of the Cup

    Spring seems to be here! Time to get the sleeping beauty out of the garage and into the sunshine...and it started instantly. It's time for the MoT on Monday, so fingers crossed...
  10. yet another uk cup, again

    Welcome, It's a difficult line to tread... what mods/ upgrades do you have in mind?
  11. 2015 UK meet

    Do you want me to put together a list of Alfa Romeo Owners Club/Auto Italia/ Alfabook meetings in the UK for the summer of 2015 on the basis that a Squadra 916 gathering would be possible at one of them ( if there was a meeting at a larger gathering of Alfas it might well help to recruit more members)?
  12. The quality looks really good. I am impressed.
  13. Hello

    11 Alfas? That is a serious addiction.... Confess all! What were they?
  14. Alfa Romeo 156 1.8 lusso

    Alfa Romeo 156 1.8 lusso
  15. Genuine GTV carpet mats

    Rats! If I find any more I will post the details...

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