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  1. i am selling my alfa... im so sad... unfortunately for a real estate agent and its lack of boot space... i cannot put any home open signs and it makes things difficult! i will miss my baby =/ http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Alfa-Romeo-GTV-1999/SSE-AD-2862806
  2. My Little Nero GTV

  3. New 916 owner from Melbourne

    nice interiorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Lots of alfa love from Perth!
  4. 1st post, Hello from Sydney !

    hmm i need to buy a q2 and some shockies stat! love the work. i love these forums as it is perfect for 916's
  5. 1st post, Hello from Sydney !

    woo hoo another aussie! from perth mate! love the Alfa Rosso, che bellezza! wishing you the very best on these wonderful forums, these guys are top blokes. and yes the 916 is a rarity in australia... people ask me all the time... what type of car is that lol what did the Q2 cost to install?
  6. Hello From Sydney

    i coudlnt get to that link big dog...
  7. Hi there from Greece

    kalispera munga! induxi? welcome to our humble home! lots of awesome people here, best alfa forum for best alfa car!
  8. Should probably introduce myself

    welcome paesano to our little home, cant wait to see the mighty TS!!
  9. Evoman's Spider 3.0 12v 1998

    beauitful car mr evo... how did u get the phase 2 centre console in a 98 car? mine is the phase 1 style...
  10. Lancia Thema 8.32 for sale

    yes please!!! http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C362749
  11. i saw an article on someone fitting a ferrari modena throttle body and dodge viper induction kit, ill try to find for you. maybe i send my car to bulgaria and i hide inside the boot! lol cheaper! i cant find it but it is the box type that sits inside the engine bay argh annoys me i cannot find it. how hard is it to install q2? what is price of q2 in bulgaria?
  12. checking out mods...

  13. i am also purchasing a Q2 end of this month cant wait in england it costs 595 pounds and 795 to fit in australia the diff costs 1000 AUD (sent from england) and to fit is 2000 AUD i said to the mechanics... how come in england the part is 595 and only 795 to including fitting (200 pounds to fit) yet you guys want 2000 dollars to fit and the part is only 1000 to buy and sent over from england.. and the diff mechanic goes, oh they must have the right tools etc over there, i said yes but you are a diff mechanic 30 years experience you are telling me it takes 4 hours labour in england but 20 hours here? fuck me.
  14. yes the colour configuration can be changed to whatever i want! which is great 18"front and rear 7.5"front 8.5"rear both deep dish concave im a big guy, not your usual smaller shorter italian lol must be the water in australia, so id like the car to be a little chunkier
  15. 916 Merchandise

    charlee this manufacturer, does he make shirts for fat people like me? i need a 7XL im a big big guy =) ( i just squeeze into a GTV hehe)

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