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hi from Austria

Hi from Austria,

my name is Julius...my nickname "Jules" and im an alfa romeo driver since my youth time.. my first alfa a red Bertone is still my own. I have with my brother an Alfa Romeo Club in Tyrol and always searching for other Clubs or Alfistis for nice contacts or Alfa Meetings.

Next year I plan to go to the meeting in Rijeka.

Im 50 years old and married and my wife is Alfa Romeo Fan too.

I drive now a stromboli grey Alfa Romeo GT its a Diesel but a nice car..my dream is to drive a Alfa 4C one time..

I say hi to all alfisti

Im on Facebook too

Feel free and add me there..



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Welcome here :) . I see that you haven't got a GTV/Spider until now, but maybe this will change  :D . Enjoy the forum!

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    • By frudebaker
      85,000km on clock, manufactured 4/2000
    • By jahuPL
      We want to share our passion, so we decided to organize a international event and break the Guinness World Record for the longest column of Alfa Romeo cars - more than 600 vehicles will travel in procession through the streets of the city stretch of several kilometers. Current record officially confirmed by the Guinness World Record in London was established in Gorjansko in Slovenia in May 2012 in the amount of 526 cars.

      Event: Breaking the Guinness Record the length of the column of vehicles Alfa Romeo

      1. Date: 05/01/2015

      2.Place: parking by shopping center Central Europe, Gliwice, ul. Pszczyńska 315
      beating the record - ul.Bojkowska and Border, Gliwice

      3.Range: international (many guests from the Alfa Romeo clubs from across Europe - including the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary)

      4.Goal: beating the Guinness world record in the length of the column of vehicles Alfa Romeo

      5. Schedule:

      7.30-10.30 members arrive at the place and registration

      11.00-14.00 forming a column of vehicles

      14.00-15.30 columns ride through the streets, beating the record

      15.30-16.30 return to the parking lot

      16.30-19.00 competitions for participants

      19.00 end of the event

      6. Members : Approximately 1000-1500 Alfa Romeo vehicles (amount of registered 1500), and about 3,000 people from across the Polish and Europe

      7. Attractions:

      - Parking capacity - 2200 vehicles
      - Available: restaurant McDonalds, stands with food and drinks
      - Media coverage (TV, radio), including leading party DJ Alex Red Komodo
      - Prize competitions organized by sponsors
      - Demonstration cars made available by participants Ganinex
      - Diagnostic service (free for participants)
      - Sector show Alfa Romeo cars (classics, unique, unusual)
      - Stalls of gadgets and other things related to Alfa Romeo
    • By Carlo Abarth
      Have been reading here for a while and it is a great community so time to introduce myself.
      My name is Carlo and I live in the Netherlands. I'm the chief editor of CorsaItalia Magazine, a dutch magazine about Italian cars thats in stores every two months. Started it with my dad, both working with magazines many years and wanted to start an magazine about our hobby: Italy and Cars,
      After work I have some hours to spend on my hobby, a 1972 Giulia Super. Modified a bunch of things, like a 2-liter engine with about 150 bhp, nice suspension mods, 14" GTA replica's and a brand new red interior. The interior is completed for about 90% now.
      As a daily driver I own a 2004 156 1.8 T-Spark. Nothing really special, just a nice driving car in good condition.
      And then, the reason for being on this forum: my 1998 Spider 2.0 T-Spark. Bought it in April this year, with 110.000 km's on it, about 70.000 miles. It was in original condition, only fitted with a phase 2 interior later. When I bought it de screen behind the seats (no clue how its called in English) went to the garage, it may be nice at high speeds but it makes the beautifull line of the 916 Spider disappear. I have fitted a new console in the middle, there was an ugly sprayed black example fitted by the previous owner.
      After a while I bought my favorite 916-wheels: 18" Zender Siena. I have had to GTV 916's before and I had always wanted that wheels but they never came by for a normal price. Now they did. Because the 18" wheels make it look very high on its wheels I purchased a set of Cobra Suspension Lowering springs that lower the Spider for about 30 mm.
      Work to do? Sure! The paintwork isn't very good. Original red with blank paint that comes of on multiple places. Besides that it is a lovely car, perhaps not as shiny as my to previous phase 2 GTV's but it drives a lot more 'fresh'.
      Keep up the good work here, reading a lot of stuff!

    • By Alfaduden
      Yeah! I was so lucky to be able to test the new 4C! What a car! I have no words... Need to start saving money!
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