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  1. We want to share our passion, so we decided to organize a international event and break the Guinness World Record for the longest column of Alfa Romeo cars - more than 600 vehicles will travel in procession through the streets of the city stretch of several kilometers. Current record officially confirmed by the Guinness World Record in London was established in Gorjansko in Slovenia in May 2012 in the amount of 526 cars. Event: Breaking the Guinness Record the length of the column of vehicles Alfa Romeo 1. Date: 05/01/2015 2.Place: parking by shopping center Central Europe, Gliwice, ul. Pszczyńska 315 beating the record - ul.Bojkowska and Border, Gliwice 3.Range: international (many guests from the Alfa Romeo clubs from across Europe - including the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary) 4.Goal: beating the Guinness world record in the length of the column of vehicles Alfa Romeo 5. Schedule: 7.30-10.30 members arrive at the place and registration 11.00-14.00 forming a column of vehicles 14.00-15.30 columns ride through the streets, beating the record 15.30-16.30 return to the parking lot 16.30-19.00 competitions for participants 19.00 end of the event 6. Members : Approximately 1000-1500 Alfa Romeo vehicles (amount of registered 1500), and about 3,000 people from across the Polish and Europe 7. Attractions: - Parking capacity - 2200 vehicles - Available: restaurant McDonalds, stands with food and drinks - Media coverage (TV, radio), including leading party DJ Alex Red Komodo - Prize competitions organized by sponsors - Demonstration cars made available by participants Ganinex - Diagnostic service (free for participants) - Sector show Alfa Romeo cars (classics, unique, unusual) - Stalls of gadgets and other things related to Alfa Romeo
  2. Hi, I've got for sell BRAND NEW Alfa Romeo spider 916 electric roof. Roof hasn't been used. INFO: COLOR: BLUE (COL-040) PART NUMBER ALFA ROMEO: 156046478 PHOTOS:
  3. Gtv Sportiva from Poland

    ready for the winter sleep
  4. Gtv Sportiva from Poland

    New fotos from the spider
  5. Alfa Romeo GTV Edizione Sportiva

    Alfa Romeo GTV Edizione Sportiva
  6. Gtv from Poland

    Greetings from Poland. Welcome all users of the model 916. My name is Marcin. Alfa Romeo GTV is my next car brand. I had a 2.5 V6 156 and now 156 sw 1.9 in 2004. And of course Gtv.
  7. jahuPL

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