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  1. 19" Oz Forged Botticelli

    Joris, Please PM me directly bertone,info@gmail.com, Lets finalize this. Thanks

    I would be interested in this. Please email me directly for faster transaction. Regards
  3. 19" Oz Forged Botticelli

    Are you selling these with the custom adapters? with the PZero Tires? etc? Let me know. I would be interested
  4. Original Zender CUP fenders

    Dear Sir, I would be interested to buy this. As you can see I am trying to salvage as much as I can complete the said kit. Please respond directly to my post. Thanks
  5. Alfa Gtv rear cup spoiler for sale

    Dear Sir, I would like to buy these. Please respond directly to my post. Thanks
  6. 6Pot Brembos

    Can you please send me directly pictures of these. PM me directly
  7. V6 2.0 Turbo for 164

    Guys, Can you please point to me a "breaker" that can sell me an entire engine and/or part of the engine of a 1996 above V6 2.0 Turbo? Though if you have anything for sale in your garage with this motor i would be interested. Thanks.
  8. Project Alfa - Philippines

    Vengeance, since I am all custom made. My plan is to install twin brake calipers up front. I am just waiting for the pair of calipers I ordered to arrive. Others in my head are: 1- changing the gas tank and install a fuel cooling system 2-carbon bucket seat with alfa logo, 18-in wheels, 3-chassis stiffening 4-installing a front fan for the aircon (its fucking hot here during the summer at 40+deg C) 5-front/rear spoilers and side skirts etc etc etc.
  9. Project Alfa - Philippines

    Next up is installing my newly acquired SYNAPSE Blow Off Valve. I did not go with using the original piping mount that goes with the BOV because there have been instances here that the BOV mount tend to break loose its weld because of the weight of the BOV. I am not sure if the weld on those that were torn were of poor welding or really just the weight. Nevertheless, I am not leaving anything to chance so I had a hollow tube be made specifically for this BOV. Stainless steel material was used on a bar and machined to fit exactly. The top part I had placed a groove so that a rubber O Ring can be mounted for a tight air seal. Enjoy....
  10. Project Alfa - Philippines

    Sorry been very busy with work lately. Here is my latest custom on my suspension. I initially had Koni Sports Shocks on my front. But then one of the guys here badly needed a front shocks so I sold mine to him. What I did was a former friend of mine had a VW Corrado and had Koni Coil Overs on them but he then went back to Sports Shocks. He had then sold his Corrado to a friend of ours and sold the pair of front coil overs to me. So I used the Koni Coil Overs and converted to fit into the GTV. I took out the front axle holder of the coil over and the OEM Shock. The OEM Axle holder was then welded to the Koni Coil Overs. I then had to machine the top strut part to fit into the Top Shock Mount Bearings. I then painted the axle holder to Koni Yellow colors for a bit of pizzaz. Voila .... a new set of coil overs on my alfa GTV. The coilover worked much better than the sports shocks most probably because of the 330HP my engine is producing. WARNING. unwelding and welding of axle mounts may destroy the internals of the shock absorbers. This is a long process and will require a professional welder to do.
  11. Project Alfa - Philippines

    The problem with upgrading an engine to higher horsepower is stopping and chassis integrity. This will mean I also have to upgrade my brakes and do chassis stiffening....
  12. Project Alfa - Philippines

    Damgreg, I will sell the seat whoever maybe interested with them. Just give me a fair price I will sell. The problem is the shipping cost from Asia to Europe though. Though I expect these to be available sometime after !Q2015 yet. I will yet have to place the order for the Bride bucket seats with the Alfa logo on it. GTV TB, I recently hid the airhorn under the left side headlight covers and replaced the oil catch tank with a CUSCO one. Up next on the engine is replacing the internals of the turbocharger with specially ordered internals (turbine fins, shaft, bearings, etc.) from Garret USA. My friend has made such an upgrade in one of his cars and wow it had tremendous hp. The current CT20 turbo in principle will perform like a GT28 or GT30 when finished and fast spooling too. I will go with this project because buying a bigger turbo will cost me more as I have to do repiping. I do also plan to replace the ECU Management from Greddy to Haltech 1000 as well. My engine should easily hit to 350 to 400hp when finished. A specially fabricated engine strut is in the works as we speak. Will these wheels look great on the car?
  13. Project Alfa - Philippines

    more photos
  14. Project Alfa - Philippines

    Was very busy on my other cars....... My alfa gtv engine has been set up with new mods... Evo 8 560cc Fuel Injectors, 2-SPAL 11-in fans, 3-Rows full size aluminum radiators, new radiator stainless steel pipes and H&R Springs. the fuel injectors were registering 650cc to 700cc amazing though we didn't need that much for now but when I upgrade the internals of the turbo we may eventually need to tap them. Attached are the transition of the engine bay. I believe you can guess which is stage 1 to 3. Other projects in the works are: Engine strut bars and lower braces, new 18-in mags, zender rear wings, side skirts, front and rear fenders. carbon bucket seats, etc. Note: most of what is being done here are custom fabrications
  15. can I buy the rims only????