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  1. All i can say these parts are nothing to do with Neal so please don't drag me into issues between you and other members. I guess you are the person who backed out of a hand shook deal because of finding cheaper parts elsewhere.
  2. Hi TJ yes the wings and skirts are still available they are on eBay at present 252067206310At £420 if you are interested.
  3. Toora Monoposto

    Adapters fit straight on to original hub using countersunk bolts at 5x98 PCD and 58.1 CBore The set I recently bought came with a spare to save removing the adapter to fit a spare if you got a puncture.
  4. ALFA GTD not for the feint hearted !!!!!

    My latest project GTV fitted with a Peugeot 306 Turbo Diesel

  6. Toora Monoposto

    Hi do you have the spare wheel that goes with these rims ?
  7. French Zender Cup kit replica (news: order now)

    I am advertising original Zender wings and skirts in classified !
  8. Still for Sale if there any other interested parties
  9. Hi Leo have sent you an email concerning the pair of skirts and the pair of front wings just to clarify the four pieces by the way Kind Regards Steve
  10. As the Topic Title says Genuine Zender Cup Kit for Sale in Rosso Red becoming hard to find now wanting £515 for the 4 parts. Will package for collection by international courier if required at buyers cost. I bought a glass fibre version years ago and it was a terrible fit hence why i bought this i am slowly removing parts from my spider to recoup some money i have a supersprint stainless steel exhaust manifold and downpipe for a twin spark for sale at £495 also will courier at buyers cost. Thanks Steve
  11. Side vents of Zender Cup kit

    Evening Gents just about to sell my Original Zender wings and skirts in Rosso Red if your interested let me know.
  12. Beautiful 916s around the World !

    Is mine worthy of this thread ?
  13. Steve's Spider

    Incy Wincy

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