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  1. Gtv V6 TB for sale

    Hello all, I am thinking to sell my Gtv V6 TB: Phase 1, 11/1995, 115.000 km Blu Atollo 473/A 17 inch Teledials, front and side Autodelta spoilers, Cup kit side wings Phase 2 grill and steering wheel Koni Sport and Eibach, sporty exhaust Alpine Radio with Usb port Young timer registration Owner's manual, 2 keys + 1 valet key, full service history since 2011 New battery Last serviced February 2019, it has done 4.000 km since. New spark plugs, water pump, timing belt, altenator belt, a/c belt, oil, transmission fluid, air /oil / fuel / cabin filters, brake fluid, front disc brakes and pads. The car will be delivered to its new owner with refubrished leather at the steering wheel and gear knob. Road tax for 2020 payed Price 6.500 euros Located in Athens, Greece
  2. Dardo

  3. Hello!

    Hello again! I was absent from the forum for a long time! I still have the 1998 Spider 1.8, the 2004 156 1.6 and I recently bought a 1995 Gtv v6 tb! Quick question: The Gtv has a 4 spoke steering wheel and i want to change it with the 3 spoke of the newer versions. Are they all compatible? Even from the before facelift 166?
  4. Spider, May 2014

    Spring drive in central Greece
  5. Spider in the fog

  6. 3 Spiders next to the sea

    A January noon, 3 phase 2, 1.8 twin spark Spiders at the south suburbs of Athens, Greece.
  7. Spider by the sea

    Early November Sunday drive to a coastal village 50 km north-east of Athens
  8. Hello!

    Hello all! I am from Greece, I own a 1998 Spider 1.8 T.S. and a 2004 156 1.6 T.S.
  9. Welcome to the forums Dardo :)