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  1. Wanted: Spare wheel holder

    Does anyone know where I can buy one of these or has one to sell me? It holds the spare wheel to the rear wall of the boot. I've searched everywhere. Part number 60615204.
  2. NeroGTV

  3. New 916 owner from Melbourne

    I was at the spetacollo and the only GTV there with the red interior - I'm glad my car inspired you to take the plunge, you wont regret it. We'll have to catch up in the coming weeks and go for a spin and chat about the GTVs. What are your plans for the car? Over the last three years of ownership there have been many tweaks, additions to my car which I'd be happy to chat to you about. The list includes Koni Adjustable shocks, a Quaiffe diff, Ferodo DS2500 pads, CDA Intake, a super sprint exhaust just to name a few. There have been many tweaks to the electrics, most recently fixing the hot air in the foot well, and fixing the radiator resistor which was causing my temp gauge to go over 90. Now the auxiliary fan turns on dead on 90 and pushes the temp back down to normal - perfect. All it needed to fix it was a clean! In a couple of months I will do the timing belt again. I did the belts and water pump when I first bought it, now three years on, time to do the timing belt again. I've got all the tools and have relative that's a mechanic - so if you need the job done as well, let me know. Don't hesitate to get in touch and send me an email if you have any questions. Nevertheless, I'll get in touch soon so we can go for a drive. Happy driving Alan, the GTV will bring you much joy, pain, joy, pleasure, pain, and joy, joy joy! BTW - I also have the Diagnostic software and cables - so if you ever need a anything checked, or air-bag lights etc re-set just yell out. Below is a pic of my car at the last spetacolo and the money shot of the red interior!
  4. New 916 owner from Melbourne

    Hi Alan and Welcome. Nice to see another Melbournian on the forum, especially considering your car is almost exactly like mine with the red interior, yours has the black seats? I can't quite tell from the picks. Mine has the red seats. Also get onto the Ausalfa.com forum for local news and local drives. If you ever want to go for a spin let me know, I'm in Moorabbin.
  5. 1st post, Hello from Sydney !

    Hiya Ben! About time you got onto this forum!!! And once again - your car is looking fantastic!! And yes - that's me who bought Spiritos Quaiffe - And I'm very happy indeed. With the aussie dollar taking a dive I've saved money.
  6. Spetacollo - Melbourne Australia

    Here are some more photos. Every year the Alfa Romeo club of Victoria have get together on a large oval to show off all the members cars..... It's great fun. http://www.marisagangemi.com/AROCA-Spettacolo/Spettacolo-2013/i-RP2gDDn/
  7. Spetacollo - Melbourne Australia

    Last Sunday approx 200 Alfa Romeo of all kinds got together at the Annual Spetacollo in Melbourne Australia. It is a fun day out with Concourse competitions and Class competitions. I won the 'Show and Shine' competition for my GTV last year, this year I had to compete against all other winners from the previous year and I missed out. Nevertheless it was a great day. Her are a few pics....(My GTV is the black one)
  8. Zender Pedal Set

    I found the impossible! 1 brand new set (in the original box) of GTV Zender Pedals! And yes I have bought them and no their are no others! After searching Ebay like a maniac and missing out on two previous auctions, I've been searching everywhere, motivated by some unexplainable desire to have the original dealer options fitted. I found them in the most unlikely of locations - Japan! I found them on the Yahoo Japan Auction Site and bought them via an Australian Company that acts as an intermediary / shipping agent between Australia and Japan. Type in "Alfa Romeo GTV" into the search box via this link to see what is on offer in Japan for your GTV. Import Monster | Browse Japanese Auctions I paid $140 AUD (or apprx 83 pounds / 97 Euro) delivered. Not bad considering what they sold for on Ebay last time I missed out. I hope those of you that are also searching for your Zender pedals have the same luck I do.
  9. Zender Pedal Set

    I appreciate your help!
  10. Zender Pedal Set

    Oh no!!!! I search for these evey few days. I have checked again and did not see them. Can you post up a link?
  11. Zender Pedal Set

    Guys, I'm wanting a set of Zender pedals. I already have the footrest which I bought from Gazella Racing. I will even take also me CAD drawings of them and get some made if I have to. I hope someone can help. Tony
  12. 916 v Ferrari 360 v Lamborghini Gallardo

    No, just on the public road so I had to be quite restrained - but there is no law telling you how fast you can accelerate to the speed limit
  13. I had the pleasure of driving the Ferrari 360 and Lamborghini Gallardo yesterday....heres the video. http://youtu.be/2t5Vn4Eiezw I must say driving the two cars was an absolute buzz! I got a voucher for my birthday to drive each car for 30 mins. Both had amazing torque, sounded fantastic and were finished beautifully. The Lambo being 4wd stuck to the road 'like she was on rails' and the instructor had me accelerating hard into corners - I was crapping myself at first, but slowly got used to it. The Lambo seemed....well, a little psycho, a bit too extreme maybe. The driving position was very low, a much harder suspension and taking off sounded like the gearbox was out of A1 Abrhams Tank - coming out of neutral with a clunk, clunk and then vroooom! The brakes were mental as well, one touch it felt as though I would go through the windscreen. Anyhow - pressing down of the throttle soon made up for all of that!! The Ferrari, well, it sounded better and looked better IMO. It was far more comfortable and something you could rive everyday without feeling like you had to visit the chiropractor. The Ferrari was the better one for me. Both had flappy paddles - I know they are faster, but call me old fashioned - I prefer the old way.
  14. WTB: oem momo strut brace for GTV 3.0

    Here you go... http://www.ebay.it/itm/BARRA-DUOMI-STRUT-BRACE-MOMO-CORSE-ROSSA-PER-ALFA-ROMEO-GTV-SPIDER-/251221243696?pt=Ricambi_automobili&hash=item3a7df3f730#ht_10179wt_992&clk_rvr_id=468123734979
  15. 101 Exhaust options (almost)

    If you are not sure about which type of exhaust option you like - this should solve it for you http://www.picturetr...deshow/23839027

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