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Hello from Torino

Hi everybody,

I just came across this site today. Looks great. :thumbsup:

I'm from Ireland originally. My dad was an Alfista and I was brought up on Giuliettas, Suds, Sprints, 33s, 164s etc. etc.!

My first car was a Sud QV which I bought as a rusty wreck for £300 as a teenager and spent years restoring. In the end it was a real beauty with the 1.7 from a Sprint. Then my brother wrote it off before I had ever driven it on the open road... :( !

I've been working in Italy since 2004 and my first purchase was a 1995 2.0 t.spark gtv(actually my brother bought it for me to pay me back for the Sud....). I've had various other cars since then(147 gta, Fiat Stilo jtd, 147 jtd) but I've always kept the gtv even though it's spent long periods off the road. It's like a memeber of the family- I don't think I'll ever sell her now.

Over the years I've spent plenty on it- Koni, Eibach, fully powerflexed, full ragazzon stainless exhaust with de-cat, carbon air-filter, chipped, rare Alfa "monodado" wheels, Zender spoilers and wings.

The car hasn't missed a beat for years but I'm thinking of putting her in to semi-retirement now and making a sort of track-day car with her. I'd like to finally give her the power and brakes to live upto the looks and handling so I'll be looking for advice here about that(turbo or supercharger I suppose...). I know I should have just bought a V6 years ago to replace her but I have an emotional attachment to this car now so I'll just have to see what happens :wub: .

Talk to you soon,









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A warm welcome here!

Seen those wheels on the monoposto.. they are rare for sure as it is the white color of your GTV.


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A white one! :) Rare car to see in this color! Welcome Sacha, I hope you'll find useful info here on Squadra 916.

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