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    Alfa Romeos and marshaling (track and incident) at motor racing events, mainly cars at Silverstone and bikes at MotoGP, WSB and BSB events in UK
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    Gtv TS, Gtv 3.0 V6

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  1. Hello from new member

    Looked on Autodelta website for a carbon fibre intake for a V6, could only find one for a TS........have you stopped selling the V6 one?
  2. Hello from new member

    Hello and welcome.........my TS has your firms rear apron fitted, by far the best add on part for the Gtv, looks wise........
  3. Hi from Denmark

    Hello and welcome...... Lovely clean engine bay.....
  4. Greetings from north

    Hello and welcome...... Hope you post some photos in the garage section......
  5. hello from belgium

    Hello and welcome.......
  6. Hello

    Gorgeous Gtv........looks the same as my V6...........
  7. G'da from Oz

    Welcome....... Love the red leather.......and the rest of your Spider.....
  8. Hello from Holland

    Welcome....... Gorgeous Spider.......not sure about the luggage rack......not for me....
  9. Hi from Spain

    Welcome.... ....lovely Spider.......
  10. newbie

    Hello and welcome to the forum....... Are you the hondansxr that used to do Cup replica body parts on ebay??? I have seen the name or something very similar mentioned on Alfaowners whenever members enquire about Cup body parts.
  11. My Cup

    Howdy Monkeyfester...........the Cup looks gorgeous, just needs a quad exhaust to annoy the neighbours,,,,,,,
  12. Alfa Romeo Gtv 3.0 24V

    Alfa Romeo Gtv 3.0 24V
  13. My latest Gtv

    Although I still love my TS and will be keeping her as well, saw this V6 for sale, travelled 240 miles to see her on Sunday, liked what I saw and after a long and enjoyable test drive I bought her and boy, did I enjoy the drive home.......photo below was taken by the seller , now has quad exit pipes and new reg number, will get more photos when I have given her a wash. Might even get her to pose with the red TS.......
  14. Finally...........

    Hello and welcome to the forum......
  15. Stickers

    Sorry to say this but very dissappointed with the stickers. A real pain to seperate as the design didn't know whether to stick to the transparent or paper backing. Got finger prints on the back trying to seperate using a razor blade. So much better if the design is in the transparent and not individual pieces. Had plenty of free stickers like that so can't be down to cost. A pain to fit as if not quite right first time almost impossible to remove and keep the seperate letters and design in place, hence why only one of mine is still on the car......

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