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  1. gtv cup kits

    hi i am still selling the gtv cup kits , to order i have a front spoiler and a set of skirts in stock prices are front 189 plus postage to uk main 49 side skirts 200 plus postage side panels 225 plus postage 15 cheers i am contactable on 07773372657 cheers paul ps these are un painted .
  2. hi i am still making these kits to order im on 07773372657 was originally in two gates tamworth ...pj motors cheers
  3. Original CUP front splitter

    hi did you get your splitter
  4. hondansxr

  5. advertising as business

    message for modererator do you have a selling for business users i provide the cup kits for the gtv /spider
  6. newbie

    hi all just to say hello every one

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