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  1. Old is cool..V6 TB in Turkey.

    Thank you...Yes, there are
  2. Old is cool..V6 TB in Turkey.

    Update with 18" rims, custom exhaust(inc. downpipe) and Ph2 interior...
  3. Anil

  4. Hi all, from Turkey

    Welcome here Yavuz. I saw that your gtv's front bumper is TS version. V6 TB bumper has a intercooler and oil radiator holes. If you can find V6 TB bumper, performance will be better.
  5. Old is cool..V6 TB in Turkey.

    First of all, I will buy maxigauges (inc.AFR,boost,EGT...)
  6. Old is cool..V6 TB in Turkey.

    Charlee, Koni use 2 or three different size tubes in sport shock absorbers. These tubes are changed new one but you have to know tube size. Important sizes are tube lenght and diameter,centre shaft diameter and lenght! I bought pair of tubes,these price is 150 Euro. We used same process; http://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1219607 http://www.planet-9.com/987-cayman-boxster-modifications/64629-koni-shock-insert-project-2.html You can see Koni Sport Tubes; http://www.ebay.com/bhp/koni-inserts
  7. Old is cool..V6 TB in Turkey.

    Damgred and Kunev, thank you for your interest. I will answered totally. - I don't know that td05 12b and T25 haven't similar injection map. I know only;TD 05 is bigger and have a more power. Maps title is interesting for me, I will talk my friend about this title,maybe I will change my program! -Mits. TD05 12B is used in 164 V6 TB engine and I know; some old gtv have a same turbo(model 96-97) but my gtv is 1998! I saw my turbo when I bought my gtv 4 years ago. I didn't change it. My turbo is changed by old owner. - My friend called All Car Racing staff that his name is "Enriko" and we wanted him hard program, maybe he sent us 2. option(70HP) - Old fuel pump made a sound and I changed it with walbro gss342. Walbro is cheaper than original pump and common fuel pump in Turkey but I still use stock injector and fuel regulator.Yes, fuel flow is same as stock now. - After the chip, turbo whistle is very noise,especially +4000rpm! - I haven't problem about engine(cut off, handling etc.) but it's smoother than original. - "And now you can get more power with greater safety for your turbo" I liked this proposition - Can we use 164 V6 TB tuning program on my GTV? (Sorry, my English is not good)
  8. Old is cool..V6 TB in Turkey.

    My GTV has a Mitsubishi TD 05 12B turbo and I changed my fuel pump with walbro GSS 342 high pressure pump. I have not a problem about my car when it was tuned with chip. It has never cut off the rpm or fuel.
  9. Old is cool..V6 TB in Turkey.

    My friend is All Car Racing/Superchips dealer and rally mechanicer in Turkey. He recommended this chip and I have used it about 3 years. Link for your engine; http://www.allcarracing.com/en/Prodotti/chiptuning-select.asp?id=ALFA%20ROMEO This link is main menu; http://www.allcarracing.com/
  10. Old is cool..V6 TB in Turkey.

    You know, all of the gtv rear dampers are same but 2.0-3.0-2.0 V6 TB use different front dampers.Especially, V6 TB dampers are rare in internet or dealer. For example, v6 tb fornt dampers production is stopped by Koni and Bilstein. Yes, we use custom front dampers. You know, Koni's tubes are changed if they have damage. you can buy only tubes and put in damper construction. We used this method, I bought 2 Koni Sport tubes (they are suitable original dimensions) and cut top of the original dampers,removed original tubes and we put koni tubes in fabrication dampers construction. This process is cheaper than new konis but have workmanship I still use original springs. If I use lower springs, my gtv will not enter the garage because of lowering. In Turkey, all of spiders are 2.0 TS (one of them 3.0 12v), huge percent of Gtv's is V6 TB maybe 3-4 Gtv have a 2.0 TS engine. GTV/Spider 3.0 TS engines have never sold in Turkey from 1995 to 2002. GTV and spider are totally 40-50.
  11. Old is cool..V6 TB in Turkey.

    Thanks for posting. Yes, shock absorber system is strange. First, I want to buy full koni system but I didn't find in Turkey, Alfistinet and another parts site in internet. I bought monroe reflex set in Turkey but this set was wrong (2.0 TS). I called the dealer and I bought only rear shock absorber! One day, I visited my friend shop and I saw Koni Sport Adjustable Tubes and I mounted in my original front shock absorber construction. May be, I will buy Koni STR-T or sport in future but now,this combination is good for me.(I am using konis the middle position) All Car Racing is not populer but my friend is dealer Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 TS is rare. Generally, you can see 2.0 V6 TB in Turkey.
  12. Old is cool..V6 TB in Turkey.

    I love Italian bikes and owned Gilera,Aprilia,Piaggio and Derbi(half Italian) many years ago. I used to have two yamaha last 4 years and turned back Italian bike! Ducati was my dream since childhood. I like old monster(S4R,695 etc.) The new monster looks basic; a lot of parts are plastic, hasn't dry clutch,has full digital gauges etc. In my opinion, may be the story is sad or may be good. We will look to the future!
  13. Old is cool..V6 TB in Turkey.

    I have a two Italian in my garage:) It's my two wheels Italian! GTV's little brother;Ducati Monster 696+...Generally, I ride a motocycle in a day. At the weekend, I drive short tour my GTV... GTV isn't suitable for daily life because of traffic and engine warm!
  14. Hi guys...My name is Anil,34 years old and I live in Turkey. I have a 1998 GTV V6 TB. I bought my GTV four years ago and I changed all of sensors and electronics parts because of age. I modified some parts. My GTV condition was good end of the four years. Engine; -All car racing(Italy) chip tuning -Pipercross sponge filter - Exhaust tuning(removed cat., end of muffler and mounted sports middle muffler) - Mitsubishi TD05 12B turbo -Walbro GSS 342 high pressure fuel pump Shock Absorbers; -Front Koni Sport Adjustable -Rear Monreo Reflex -Rear 20mm spacers Brakes; -Brembo Max pads and discs 17" Toora Alfa Romeo Alloy Wheels and 215/45 R17 tyres İnterior; -Individual red leather seats - Black leather-red stitch steering wheel and gear knob - Mat chrome effect gauge rings -156 air vents etc......
  15. Here I Am

    Hi David....I saw a David's GTV. It's like new. You are a lucky man to own a rare gtv

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