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  1. Hi all, from Turkey

    9 1 6 V 6 T B[emoji123][emoji123][emoji123] SM-N910C cihazımdan Tapatalk kullanılarak gönderildi
  2. Hi all, from Turkey

    Yes, They are most beautiful places, coasts in the Turkey. Also if you like cultural, historical places, yo can visit İstanbul, Bursa, Edirne. These cities were capital of the ottoman empire in the different times...because of this, there are lots of historic places... Beautiful v6💪
  3. Hello

    Nice spider with nice color
  4. Hi all, from Turkey

    @RagingQueen, your turkish is good. Yes I am(Also my gtv:) ) living in Turkey , Bursa at right now.(moved from istanbul about two years ago). Where did you lived in Turkey?
  5. Hi all, from Turkey

    Photo photo...
  6. Hi all, from Turkey

    Yes, i like it.
  7. Hi all, from Turkey

  8. Hi all, from Turkey

    Thanks Anil. last week a friend warn me that my gtv's bumper is wrong. the otherone said me that some v6 had ts bumper because the bumper modified in 1997 because of wind noise (alfa doesnt say real cause).. because of this, some early 1996 gtv has ts bumper. I dont know this is true but i understand that for best performance my gtv need these holes:) You know hard to find a bumper for gtv in Turkey. Also some friends said me that the easiest and cheapest way is cutting holes with a template...
  9. Hello from Istanbul

  10. Corseart Car Parts

    That's nice... Thanks
  11. Hi all, from Turkey

    That's all have a nice weekend
  12. Hi all, from Turkey

    it was sunny day. I washed my GTV and took photo

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