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  1. I'm going to leave our old European continent this summer so sadly I have to sell my GTV. It's a phase 1, dark grey and black leather, year 1996, 78000 kms, fully original except a interior alu Zender kit (pedals, gear lever knob, handbrake lever). 2nd hand, bought end of 2014 with only 50000 kms on the clock. The good: - New cam belt, new shocks, new wheel bearings, new brake discs and pads, new complete exhaust, new spark plugs. I have the invoices. - Clean history since day 1 including purchase invoice. - Good summer tires on 17" Teledials, good winter tires on 16" original alu rims. - 2 keys + service key + key code card. - Regularly serviced (invoices, new thermostat, new clutch slave cylinder, oil leak fixed, new battery). - Squadra ECU chip installed + OEM chip - Very nice paint and straight body - Very clean interior The bad: - Front bumper a bit wobbled (no paint crack) - Tiny 2mm stone chip in the windscreen located 3 cm near the lower edge - Airbag light on since I moved the seat... - Leakage in the air conditionning circuit (had it refilled, it worked but a short time) - One Pinninfarina side logo missing Overall it's a very clean car, will drive any distance with no weird noise. I'll add fresh pictures soon. Car is garaged (undercover) in Krakow (Poland) and registered in Luxembourg. Title is of course on my name. Asking price is EUR 4000. If genuinely interested, please throw a PM.
  2. Hallo from Warsaw:-)

    Pozdrowienia z Krakowa
  3. Grigio chiaro 2.0 TS

    Keep up the good work!
  4. Cover

    For sale, original Alfa outdoor cover for 916 GTV. Part number 5900526. The cover is located in Luxembourg. Shipping to EU is EUR 18 (France, Belgium, NL, Germany, UK, Denmark, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria) or EUR 30 (other destinations). Open to offers
  5. Cover

  6. Hello

    Yeah, if you don't mind, what year it is, how many ks on the clock... Looks nice and well maintained
  7. Hello

    Looks great Would you mind a bit of car history?
  8. VW in big troubles

    Isn't it looking bad for VW? I mean, really really bad? Summing it up: - half a million of cars to recall and modify in the US, and a fine of potentially USD 18 billions - 11 million cars in the world in potential need of recall - potential fines from other countries than the US? - stock price down by nearly 40% in only 2 days - reputation tarnished for long years
  9. VW in big troubles

    Well, there are other issues as well. One is that VW benefited in various countries from subsidies for 'clean cars' - and/or cuts on taxes for 'low emissions'. All those countries will probably want to get that money back. Another strange thing is that VW claims now that 'less than 10 people' were aware of this part of the code. Who's going to believe that? I can't imagine how that's possible. In 6 years between 2009 an 2015, there's been quite a few programmers and managers who must have noticed something...
  10. VW in big troubles

    Nah, just sometimes I'm shacking my head in disbelief
  11. Hi to all

    2 months later and still no pics
  12. Clutch on V6

    Test drove yesterday a V6 3.0 24V - damn what a sweet engine... I didn't buy the car because it needed too much TLC and I already have a demanding TS. Anyway, I noticed the clutch was much firmer than on my TS, and the stroke much shorter. Is that as expected on a V6, or is that the sign clutch is getting near end of life? (120,000 km and probably original clutch). Also the steering wheel was quite firmer. Is that because of the engine weight, or rather unexpected? Otherwise, V6s have a much sweeter gearbox it seems
  13. VW in big troubles

    This video would have been even funnier if the jack had failed
  14. VW in big troubles

    BTW, anyone knows how the software operates to detect emission tests? Edit: All I found is this diagram:
  15. New Giulia

    1 L per 1000 kms is maybe within specs but that's really a lot. Means you're adding 10 liters of oil between successive oil changes (every 10,000 kms). I've never seen this on any car, and I had mostly old and dodgy cars Personally, I'm lucky enough that I don't need to top up between oil changes (so far, fingers crossed...)
  16. My well used and modified Spider TS.

    Can you please list the parts that you have replaced? Well 600k on a Mercedes is less impressive than 250k on an Alfa maybe?
  17. My well used and modified Spider TS.

    Is that a simple swap or did it require custom parts (brackets etc)? Damn!
  18. My well used and modified Spider TS.

    That is cute!
  19. New Giulia

    In terms of styling, it's a bit boring (or do you think I've convinced myself so, knowing I'll never be able to afford one? )
  20. The new guy from Luxembourg

    Very nice! Where did you get it from? Nah I think he meant no nasty body 'tuning'
  21. The new dutch member

    Welcome Sven! Mind posting a pic of your TB? How do you intend to cure the dents in the doors? (same problem here)
  22. Nick and GTV

    Hi all, Have been wandering for a while on this forum and decided it's time to introduce myself and the car. I'm Nick, 40, spending my time between Luxembourg and Krakow. I'm an audio engineer, designing and manufacturing products for my own brand - and also designing products for other brands. Late last year I got myself a GTV TS 2.0 phase 1 with only 50Ks on the clock. Here she is: Unfortunately, the next day I shot this pic someone bumped into the GTV parked on the street near where I live and damaged the rear right side wing (and left without leaving his contact details but well). Now the car is with the body mechanic. I also got for her a set of clean teledials and a Squadra Tuning chip. I've seen gorgeous projects here. I'm afraid mine is not going to be very exciting, I just want to keep her in a good condition (if that's possible, that my first Alfa heh!) Thanks to all for making this forum, in particular the admins - and a special thanks to Charlee who inspired me with his post re. future upgrades.
  23. Nick and GTV

    Thanks Maybe the front wheel just sits in a hole in the ground
  24. Zender Gear Knob

    I concur... Also have the above combo in mine. Gear knob is damn cold in winter and the handbrake lever rattles on road bumps. An 'upgrade' by the previous owner...

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