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  1. Welcome to the forums Vengeance :)

  2. Never fear, USA is here!

    I guess with Alfa now back in the US market with the 4C the OP may find servicing and parts availability a little easier than say 3 years ago. Then again, with Alfa dealer prices.....maybe not..... Regarding your question about how to get cars legal that weren't intended for the market, I am going to assume that the US is pretty lenient in regards to custom and imported car registration provided the paperwork is all in order? Australia is generally pretty good for this too as most states (including mine) don't have MOTs and therefore provided you import a RHD car (LHD built after 1978 or something must be converted by an approved vehicle modifier to RHD) or use aftermarket parts that don't make the car illegal (i.e lowering a car to a minimum height <100mm if its OE spec was above 100mm in height) then you are all good. You can mod the suspension, tune the engine, put in a bigger engine etc. and there are no issues with registration provided everything on your car would pass the basic regulations like minimum ride height and would stand up to an engineering assessment (which never happens anyway). Hence why I feel sorry for some of our Euro members here, worrying about MOTs etc. when I don't have too
  3. Never fear, USA is here!

    Red lowering springs would lead me to suggest they are Eibachs? http://shop.alfisti.net/Tuning-Styling/Alfa-GTV-Spider/Suspensions/Eibach-ProKit-Sports-Spring-Kit::1352.html Which are probably the most common lowering springs. Which sites have you tried to source parts from?
  4. Shit! I regret...

    If you want something that is fun on the track, what about a Lotus Elise or BMW M3? Sure the Lotus is small but they are great fun on a track and while the M3 might be a bit boring to look at, its the king of sports saloons for a reason
  5. Shit! I regret...

    Porsche 944......DO IT! Best car I've driven from a balance and traction perspective and would love to get my hands on a Turbo or S2 one day (and they're actually not too bad parts wise and VERY reliable - I've owned one btw)! Otherwise get another TB
  6. Project Alfa - Philippines

    330mm Brembo caliper upgrade with some Pagid pads? Might be worth trying to source an Ultra Racing rear ARB and then custom fab and new front ARB? Regarding the wheels, I think they would look fantastic on the car and I like the colour too! Fatnastic build you have here and please keep us posted and maybe post up a few videos one day
  7. Photo Contest - Autumn 2014

    My beautiful GTV parked up at Mount Lofty House about 20mins from the city of Adelaide, Australia on a wonderful spring afternoon
  8. GTV TS - Adelaide Hills, Australia

    My beautiful 2002 GTV TS parked up at Mount Lofty House in the Adelaide Hills, Australia on a beautiful spring afternoon
  9. 2002 GTV TS

    My 2002 GTV TS
  10. Alfa Romeo GTV

    Alfa Romeo GTV
  11. Greetings from Adelaide, Australia! Been a member on AO for a while and finally decided to join Squadra916 Hopefully I'll learn a lot here and get to know these fantastic cars even better
  12. Vengeance

Welcome to Squadra916

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