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  1. Alfa Romeo GTV

    Alfa Romeo GTV
  2. Hi from the Netherlands

    Thank you all! @ Kunev: Yes, it has a left + right Ragazzon end pipes with only an Alfaholics centre box. @ Thanos: Sure. Late 2013 someone hit the rear left in a traffic jam. I was standing still and he was doing aroud 60-70 km/h. Most of the left quarter panel was written off, left wishbones broken, hub broken, probably a bent subframe but nut sure of that, rear bumper/bar damaged etc etc. Basically the GTV was financially written off. Fortunately with help of the Dutch registry I was able to save the GTV. And of course the bodyshop helped a lot. A replacement subframe from a donor 916 was one of the bigger parts, but the PU bushes where never replaced. In the near future I do have to replace them again because the replacement subframe has a few dried out original bushes in it. So the crash was not due to the bushes, but the replacement was a result of the crash. With the new panel I also had the antenna hole welded shut and repaced it with a window antenna.
  3. IMG 1543 16x9

    Yes, you always need to have a spare crane in the boot!
  4. Hi fellow 916 addicts, As a new member it would be rude not to introduce myself. My name is Branco and I'm from the Netherlands. I own a 2001 GTV 3.0 v6. It is in my possesing since the last 2,5 years or so and it is still my "precious" I'm an active member of the dutch alfa 916 registry but It never came to the point of joining the squadra 916 community, till now. The highly contagious alfa virus began with a friend's Alfa Romeo 155 v6 ti (limited edition, not the dtm racer) in pristine condition. We, well he and I was passenger, visited multiple circuits around the Benelux and it was great! So great that, the very first day I got my driving licence I bought an Alfa 145 1.8 TS. A nice little italian sporty car but the GTV was always around the corner. So the 145 was sold and the GTV was my new toy! Many things have been done in the last couple years but in short... I've bought "her" pretty much as gtv with chrome wheels and tinted windows (not done in my opinion) an brought it to where it stands now. Somehow the to-do list still keeps on growing... What has been done: - 18" GT cloverleaf - Eibach spring - powerflex rear bushing, but removed after a crash which is another story... - Mtech brakes - Ferodo DS2500 brake pads - Weichers strut bar - Alfatune equal length frontpipes - Alfaholics mid section - Ragazzon endpipes - Autolusso intake hose - squadra tuned - Pilot xenon HID - Zender cup rear spoiler - flushed antenna hole and probably forgetting things... We all love pictures so here we go!
  5. Welcome to the forums Tosoni :)

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