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  1. OSMojo

  2. alfa lover from Chile!

    This really is a global forum, welcome, lovely car
  3. Hello from Saint Petersburg, Russia!

    Hi beautiful cars, welcome
  4. Should probably introduce myself

    Fantastic colour combo, and the wheels are stunning
  5. Please allow me to introduce myself...

    Guys I sold the RZ after 4 years of onwership, everything that can go wrong with a car went wrong with it (including hood slashed), but it turned more heads than someone walking down Oxford Street with a Cheetah. It can't be compared to the TS, the TS has it's own subtle beauty, the RZ was in your face, if you were behind someone on the motorway as soon as they'd look in the mirror they would immediately scramble to the left to let you passed, you kinda felt like a police car. The Peugeot was lovely, but to drive it was too old and felt ancient, so I only drove it twice and sold it. The Maserati made the best sound I have ever heard.
  6. Please allow me to introduce myself...

    Thanks for the welcome. I don't own these anymore, but here they are when they were mine.
  7. Please allow me to introduce myself...

    Funny you say that, but that's exactly my plan
  8. I've just bought a black 2003 2.0 TS Lusso 916 Phase 3, I am delighted. I've had some nice cars (Black Alfa RZ, & Maserati QP Sport GT Black Carbonio), but I have always believed the Alfa Spider 916 is one of the most beautiful cars ever made. I'll talk more about the new car in another forum.
  9. Welcome to the forums marcellogandini :)

Welcome to Squadra916

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