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  1. GTV V6 TB from Croatia

    Hi. post pics!
  2. Big Power GTV 16V Turbo!

    Lol, I just came here to post up that video - and discovered you had already done it Thanks!
  3. 24k P2 GTV TS Lusso value?

    Hmm, maybe £1200 or so? Quick look on Ebay showed a low mileage one for £1900, but I kinda doubt it will sell for that much V6's, which are much more desirable, seem to be going for £3000-£4000
  4. Alfa GTV CARBONara

    "Carbon fibre sparks"
  5. Alfa GTV CARBONara

    Does this mean that your car can now legitimately suffer "danger to the manifold", which somehow makes the floorpan fall off - Fast & Furious style?
  6. Rat Pest Control

    Well that's a "left-field" question for a car forum! Is the rat in your GTV?? I dunno, Rat trap? Cat? Wait for it to chew the wires and electrocute itself?
  7. Tuulster's GTV

    Forums need thumbs-up buttons. Oh well, this will have to do!
  8. Big Power GTV 16V Turbo!

    Must be these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/283101217559?chn=ps
  9. Big Power GTV 16V Turbo!

    Finally got the chance to fit the brakes I bought last year! GTV V6 305mm discs custom brackets Mintex standard pads Renault Clio/Megane Sport calipers Why Renault calipers? Because they are radially mounted, which meant my friend could make brackets to fit the hub mounts. Took an absolute age to find calipers that were: a) commonly available, b ) the right size for the discs, c) radial mounting. The only other technical difference between these and actual GTV calipers is that these have equal size pistons, whereas GTV ones have two larger pistons and two smaller. The combined piston area is identical though.
  10. Big Power GTV 16V Turbo!

    Hi. It was originally a 2.0 TS. We couldn't use the TS shocks because the hub mounts don't fit the Coupe hub carriers. Completely pointless difference when they could easily have used the same shocks and hubs for both cars, but hey that's Italian for you! There are other ways of making suspension fit but this was ours - and it also was the least complicated; pretty much all-Coupe components.
  11. long time lurker from Sydney

    Great looking cars. Love the livery on the track car!
  12. Carbon Fiber GTV Body Parts

    Is that your GTV on the front page? It looks absolutely amazing! BTW. Is your oem-style carbon bonnet significantly stronger/lighter than the oem composite bonnet, or is it just for the bling?
  13. Hello from Kent, New GTV owner!

    Welcome to the No Boot Space Club!