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  8. Alfa V6 Busso or BMW M3

    You' re right GTV 3.2 was the faster alfa romeo production car before 8c competizione appears all other rumors are urban legends with only use to disscusion with everyones friends
  9. Alfa V6 Busso or BMW M3

    It's too difficult to see the point of this topic but, Personally i hate BMW's all of them but this is sometthing personal as i said. but the fact is that no count how many hp these cars have, alfa romeo gtv is a sports coupe alfa romeo spider is a roadster and bmw 3 series is a family sallon car, m3 is the ultimate, sport edition of a family sallon car, always faster cars appears, a mitsubishi evo 8 with a little upgade can outperform any bmw m3 so? ferrari 360 modena is only 400bhp, but is a sports coupe bmw m5 has 510bhp but is a fast version of a family car, except performace is the looks the feeling all counts to categorize a car if our only goal is 0-100kmh, then i suppose a fiat uno turbo highly tuned or a caterham is a better choice but......
  10. spider 2.0ts

    spider 2.0ts
  11. hi from greece

    hi everyone i'm dimitris from athens, i;m very pleased finding people that sharing the same passion alfa romeo gtv/spider 916. i like all alfas except arna, but 916 is my favourite car on this planet "piccola ferrari" My regards P.S. My english are awful thank u for understanding

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