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  1. Evoman's Spider 3.0 12v 1998

    Looking good.
  2. Recent outages and other stuff

    Great job! Thank you for speeding it up! It is really fast now. I'll donate too for sure.
  3. Hello Squadra 916

    Yes I did. Definitely.
  4. Hello Squadra 916

    Thanks for the interest. Right now these are the ones that I'm mostly interested in: http://suchen.mobile.de/auto-inserat/alfa-romeo-gtv-alfa-gtv-2-0-edizione-sportiva-sondermodell-essen/178987041.html?lang=de&pageNumber=2&__lp=4&scopeId=C&sortOption.sortBy=price.consumerGrossEuro&makeModelVariant1.makeId=900&makeModelVariant1.modelId=19&makeModelVariant1.searchInFreetext=false&makeModelVariant2.searchInFreetext=false&makeModelVariant3.searchInFreetext=false&maxPrice=5000&ambitCountry=DE&negativeFeatures=EXPORThttp://suchen.mobile.de/auto-inserat/alfa-romeo-gtv-alfa-gtv-2-0-twin-spark-eckental/186326627.html?lang=de&pageNumber=3&action=eyeCatcher&__lp=4&scopeId=C&sortOption.sortBy=price.consumerGrossEuro&makeModelVariant1.makeId=900&makeModelVariant1.modelId=19&makeModelVariant1.searchInFreetext=false&makeModelVariant2.searchInFreetext=false&makeModelVariant3.searchInFreetext=false&maxPrice=5000&ambitCountry=DE&negativeFeatures=EXPORThttp://www.autoscout24.de/Details.aspx?id=238768647&asrc=sthttp://www.autoscout24.de/Details.aspx?id=239133999&asrc=st But I don't really have time to look at them or do anything else with these offers since my full time is occupied with iOS apps, but I'm planning to buy it as a christmas present or a late christmas one in January. So I'm not so far now.
  5. GTV 3.2 V6 24V - credulone

    Look awesome. Great job.
  6. GTV 3.2 V6 24V - credulone

    Wow. Reminds me of a Ferrari. Looking pretty good!
  7. Our Alfas

    Wow, so many Spiders, you must love the cabrio life. Do you use any of them in the winter? How about the Giulietta, it wasn't that good?
  8. Hello Squadra 916

    Yes, the black sportiva is one of my favourites. It was couple of months ago sold for 3350€ now they reduced the price, but it's online at least for a year. I would love to buy that. It looks so great, and I assume it runs good too, but who knows. Yeah, those red things have to go.
  9. Hello Squadra 916

    Oh sorry, here are the links again (hope it works now): http://suchen.mobile.de/auto-inserat/alfa-romeo-gtv-etzenricht/184162365.html?lang=de&pageNumber=1&__lp=2&scopeId=C&sortOption.sortBy=price.consumerGrossEuro&makeModelVariant1.makeId=900&makeModelVariant1.modelId=19&makeModelVariant1.searchInFreetext=false&makeModelVariant2.searchInFreetext=false&makeModelVariant3.searchInFreetext=false&minFirstRegistrationDate=1998-01-01&maxPrice=3001&ambitCountry=DE&negativeFeatures=EXPORThttp://suchen.mobile.de/auto-inserat/alfa-romeo-gtv-alfa-gtv-3-0-v6-24v-l-frankfurt/183976482.html?lang=de&pageNumber=1&__lp=2&scopeId=C&sortOption.sortBy=price.consumerGrossEuro&makeModelVariant1.makeId=900&makeModelVariant1.modelId=19&makeModelVariant1.searchInFreetext=false&makeModelVariant2.searchInFreetext=false&makeModelVariant3.searchInFreetext=false&minFirstRegistrationDate=1998-01-01&maxPrice=3001&ambitCountry=DE&negativeFeatures=EXPORThttp://suchen.mobile.de/auto-inserat/alfa-romeo-gtv-alfa-gtv-2-0-edizione-sportiva-sondermodell-essen/178987041.html?lang=de&pageNumber=1&__lp=2&scopeId=C&sortOption.sortBy=price.consumerGrossEuro&makeModelVariant1.makeId=900&makeModelVariant1.modelId=19&makeModelVariant1.searchInFreetext=false&makeModelVariant2.searchInFreetext=false&makeModelVariant3.searchInFreetext=false&minFirstRegistrationDate=1998-01-01&maxPrice=3001&ambitCountry=DE&negativeFeatures=EXPORT
  10. Hello Squadra 916

    Yeah, if that's the case than a new engine is minimum… :S My father had the same problem with his 155 2.0TS, it wasn't a cheap fix. :S I'll contact the seller and see what he replies.
  11. Hello Squadra 916

    I've started looking for GTVs in like may or april and this car was there for sale but with a higher price: 2290€, but it's still a good buy. Tough the description says: "Wird verkauft, weil der Zahnriemen gerissen ist." Which google translates to: "Is sold, because the timing belt broke". So probably the engine is dead or not in a very good state. :S I have to ask what he means by this…
  12. Hello Squadra 916

    I already searched for steering wheels and gear sticks. I think 500€ would be enough to get her back to original. I like the red too, but I can't believe these people who want to sell their cars and take crappy pictures, I mean if I want to sell something I'd clean it first and than took at least 10 photos or more so that everything is clear and visible.
  13. Hello Squadra 916

    I used the boy racer word, because of the ugly steering wheel and gearstick… I would change those immediately and the changes you mentioned. Hope it will be still there when I want to buy it.
  14. Hello Squadra 916

    Wow, thanks for the great advices and the generosity. I'll let you know when I need help, I hope we'll find a good one. But I hope that you had a lot of fun in it, or still have. I can even link the ones that I like nowadays: http://suchen.mobile.de/auto-inserat/alfa-romeo-gtv-etzenricht/184162365.html?&ambitCountry=DE&maxPrice=3001〈=de&__lp=2&minFirstRegistrationDate=1998-01-01&makeModelVariant3.searchInFreetext=false&makeModelVariant1.searchInFreetext=false&makeModelVariant2.searchInFreetext=false&makeModelVariant1.modelId=19&pageNumber=1&scopeId=C&makeModelVariant1.makeId=900&negativeFeatures=EXPORT&sortOption.sortBy=price.consumerGrossEuro&ticket=ST-1961370-VfWx3XfRDMNU6vSFceRd-mycas46-2_c01_4201 that's a bit challenging, but looks good for my amateur eyes. http://www.autoscout24.de/Details.aspx?id=233413973&pr=0 "Boyracer", but limited edition, and with a little help it could be a great car.http://suchen.mobile.de/auto-inserat/alfa-romeo-gtv-alfa-gtv-2-0-edizione-sportiva-sondermodell-essen/178987041.html?〈=de&pageNumber=1&__lp=1&scopeId=C&sortOption.sortBy=price.consumerGrossEuro&makeModelVariant1.makeId=900&makeModelVariant1.modelId=19&makeModelVariant1.searchInFreetext=false&makeModelVariant2.searchInFreetext=false&makeModelVariant3.searchInFreetext=false&minFirstRegistrationDate=2000-01-01&maxPrice=4001&ambitCountry=DE&negativeFeatures=EXPORT&ticket=ST-1961237-xRwctuIhn9Ue2LLvTLfD-mycas46-2_c01_4201 I like this one a lot, especially the interior. http://suchen.mobile.de/auto-inserat/alfa-romeo-gtv-alfa-gtv-3-0-v6-24v-l-frankfurt/183976482.html?&origin=PARK&ticket=ST-1961265-mzB7dUyczd1iU5ma37J6-mycas46-2_c01_4201 this one is interestinghttp://www.autoscout24.de/Details.aspx?id=238508543&pr=0 this is nice, I like the red colour. My threshold is around 3000€ so I'm trying to stay below that and find a good one, doesn't really matter if it has some problems, I like challenges and like to convert it to my likings.
  15. Hello Squadra 916

    I'm getting more and more closer to buying my first Alfa Romeo, the only problem is that all the cars that I've seen until now and liked, are pretty far away from me, around 4-6 hours of driving. Of course I would like to see the car that will be mine before buying it, but it makes no sense (or not so much) to see every car, spend 8-12 hours of traveling for each, spend a lot of money, and than buy the one that I like the most… Right now I'm looking at around 4-5 cars that I'm considering to buy, but I don't really want to spend 500€ or more on traveling and just checking out a car. (If they would be closer it would be no problem) What I've found as a "helper", is a website or a service called: http://www.checkmycar.de. Once you selected the car you want to buy, you can talk to them to investigate the vehicle for you (costs 99€) and when they finished, they give you a document with all the problematic areas with costs and everything included, so you have a clear idea about the car that you only saw on photos. I was thinking about this method, since it would make my life a lot easier and I would rather spend 99€ for each car (of course than I would make the circle smaller by requesting more and more pictures about each car and than selecting the ones that I like the most), than spend the money and time on traveling. Than, when I have all the cars' results in my hand, I can say okay I'll choose the 3.0 V6 with the black interior. Travel there and buy it. What do you think?

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