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  1. In the hunt for my own colour number, I started a quest for how many colours the 916 was sold in. I came to this list : AR130 ALFA ROSSOAR195A ROSSO PROTEOAR249 BIANCO BANCHISAAR302A VERDE ACIDO METAR341A VERDE OASI PEARLAR353A VERDE SARGASSI AR400B BLU VELAAR414B AZZURO NUVOLO AR473A BLU ATOLLOAR513 GIALLO ZOEAR601 NEROAR612A GRIGIO CHIAROAR632 BLACK PEARLAR659A GRIGIO ECLISSE AR677 GRIGIO METEORA ( GTV ) Any more? Feel free to add.
  2. On offer Zender Siena wheels, 17 Inch With good tyres, size 225/45 R17 with Pirelli Cinturato P7 tyres The hub of the wheel has not been skimmed down, to fit anything other then a 916. No cracks and absolutely straight. These wheels are in used condition. Open to offers. Also on offer, Zender Milano wheels in 17 Inch. Pictures to come.
  3. 17 Inch Siena wheels.

    Guys, I have fallen in love with a new set of wheels. To avoid many nights on the sofa, I will have to sell my 17 Inch Siena's first. They have just been refurbished at 150 per wheel, with new centre caps. Good profile Pirelli tyres. Only sensible offers please. PS. the black spots on the wheels, is not damage, but due to my speedy cleaning.
  4. My guilty pleasure...

    I have taken a step, just outside my comfort zone. She is evil, and mean. I found this Saab 900 on the internet, looking for a fun car. She is a 2.3t and upgraded by Hirsch. She kicks out a healthy 309 bhp ( on the front wheels ) Bigger brakes, full Hirsch exhaust, Hirsch wheels, a Stinger DSI, Climate control and leather/heated seats. This for the sum of 2950 euro's. It seems that the 2.3t can handle more power. So watch this space.
  5. My guilty pleasure...

    1998. It had the cosmetic update to be a 9-3. So it is a 900 that looks like a 9-3. The engine is a 2.0 that has been converted to a 2.3 Full Pressure Turbo. After the Hirsch upgrade it kicks out 309 bhp. I have discussed with Hirsch to kick out some more horses.
  6. Welcome. I used my V6 spider very often and it is a great daily driver. Our GTV gets used daily. Off course the chassis is not so rigid as a coupe. But certainly not so bad that it is a huge turn off. The V6 sound and the design are the strong points. There is plenty off space and the build quality is very good. With the top down, sunshine and a full tank of fuel, you cannot stop smiling the whole trip. Try the 916 Spider V6, you will fall in love with it.
  7. Phase 3 lighting

    You can buy 3 166's for that amount.
  8. Phase 3 lighting

    I tried to order the complete centre panel. So expensive! With all the switches and buttons.
  9. My guilty pleasure...

    The build quality of the 916 is much better. The Saab has hard plastic and so many interior noises. Plastic parts just break off. Terrible. My 98 Spider was much better built. Who would have guessed!
  10. My guilty pleasure...

    Yes, I have some email exchange with Hirsch in Switzerland? The car is a mystery to them to. All the parts are original Hirsch. They say it was built by a Hirsch Saab dealer in the Netherlands as a showcase. More news when I get it from Switzerland.
  11. GTV 3.2

    By the way, there seems to be one, floating around in the UK. LHD. I just tried to find it, maybe it has been sold. That was a very tasty black with red leather.
  12. GTV 3.2

    Here is one With these you have to be quick. There are not many around. Here is the same car with some more pictures. It has some minor damage. Not a huge fix. Winter and summer wheels. 7700 euro. With that mileage and the damage, I would offer 7000.
  13. My guilty pleasure...

  14. My guilty pleasure...

    Got to love the Troll.
  15. Hello from Saint Petersburg, Russia!

    I am sure if you sell them on eBay. You can make some money. Or some with the Squadra 916 logo.
  16. My guilty pleasure...

    You live in Norway. I call that being lucky.
  17. My guilty pleasure...

    2950,- that makes it 10 euro per horsepower. Sounds like a great euro to power ratio to me ;-) The badge on the dashboard says that 51 are built. It is so hard to find any info on this model.
  18. alfa lover from Chile!

    So funny! Dog chews the bumpers and your horse chews the mirrors. Kunev's reply about unusual problems made me laugh even harder.
  19. Hello from Saint Petersburg, Russia!

    How cool. Complete with the GTV logo. I want one!
  20. Hello from Saint Petersburg, Russia!

    Auch. To many red details for my taste. I love the exterior color. I think it is a Brera color. Are there many Alfa's in St. Petersburg? I know there are many nice cars.
  21. 1st post, Hello from Sydney !

    Welcome Ben. Lovely Red GTV you have there. Surprising how many Bella's there are in Australia. A red GTV on Teledials, that never goes out of style. Enjoy the forum, that is becoming ever more international. And off course, happy motoring in the GTV.
  22. Hello from Saint Petersburg, Russia!

    Welcome. Great looking GTV you have there. The red Spider is also very pretty. Enjoy the forum.
  23. My guilty pleasure...

    Funny, this morning I was fiddling in the boot of the car. It was sold to me with no service history. What do I find? The complete service history. Including a touch up paint pen, the spare " emergency" key and a dyno sheet, dated august 2011. Power output : 306,2 BHP Not bad for a 15 year old girl.
  24. My guilty pleasure...

    They look good! I like the two tone. Good taste you have.
  25. eBay electric seats

    VAG seats. Let the hammering begin in 1....2.....3 No seriously. To me it is also a big gamble if it works out the way I envisioned it. Maybe it looks terrible.

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