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    Greg Bicknell
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  5. Hello from new member

    Hi stu, I'm not the firm autodelta - I just use name on this forum. Have you tried Alfisti?
  6. Hello from new member

    Hello, at last a website dedicated to these very worthy cars - good name too - Squadra 916 There are some photos of my 1998 3.0 V6 GTV, also my 1973 2000 GTV which was restored at home. I was very lucky to drive one of the first GTV's back in 1995 (N-reg) - it was on demo to my firm. The feeling of getting inside the car was very special and heads turned when I drove it down the road! You don't forget an experience like that and I knew I had to have one - one day! It started with a 1998 2.0 16v GTV about 4 years ago - now sold and missed - but I wanted a V6. I bought the 3.0 18 months ago. The paint was very tired so it has been stripped and re-painted. I am in the process of an overhaul to the chassis - new rear spring pans, etc. The engine and drive train are original and standard, except the previous owner fitted the Autodelta exhaust and intake, which make a great sound and are fairly subtle. Prior to this I owned two 147 GTA's a 147 2.0 and various Fiats in the 1980's and 90's including Uno Turbo's and a Strada 105 TC. I hope to contribute to the forum and look forward to reading other owners stories.
  7. Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0 V6 24v

    Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0 V6 24v

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