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  1. Wheelnut

  2. David Lawton

    David Lawton
  3. Zoe Yellow 3.0 V6 24v Spider

    My 2002 V6 Spider. I am putting together a website for a bit of interest to collate all sorts of info about the Zoe Yellow Spider, mainly those imported to the UK. Please take a look and let me know your thoughts. http://zoespider.co.uk
  4. 916 Auto Parts Spider Resto Thread

    Just seen that. It is tragic. Are you breaking it or has it all gone?
  5. Verde Acido Spider TS 1997

    Thanks for your comments. I like the contrast with the black mirrors, skirts, spoilers etc. You are correct, the led is the alarm indicator.
  6. Verde Acido Spider TS 1997

    Andy is right on both counts! The original Phase 1 leather drivers seat was in a bad way so I bought this set on eBay. I think they were from a fairly late P2 as they have adjustable head restraints. This is a personal thing, but I prefer the look and leather of these seats although I do not find them quite as comfy as the originals. I also wish the Alfa and Momo logos were clearer as they seem a bit flat.
  7. image

  8. Verde Acido

  9. Verde Acido interior

    Silver painted console, Momo leather seats, Autostyle mats.
  10. image

  11. image

  12. Hello from Northamptonshire, England

    Pics now added!
  13. Verde Acido Spider

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