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Everything posted by pendragonfalls

  1. November 2013 Photo Contest - Voting

    +1 vote from me
  2. Photo Contest - November 2013

    ^^^^^ Perfect... Thanks..!
  3. Photo Contest - November 2013

    Uploaded a pic, to that link. How do I get it into the comp..? It appears to have uploaded to a new album of mine, and stayed there..!
  4. AutumnDaySpider

  5. Anna, enjoying the sunshine..!

    One of the few days in the year, when its safe for Anna to get her top off..
  6. Anna, enjoying the sunshine..!

    Recent mileage. Sent from my iPhone 4s
  7. Anna, enjoying the sunshine..!

    Standard 2.0 TS. K&N air filter. Stainless Hoops Wind deflector 17" GT alloys That's about it..! Sent from my iPhone 4s
  8. Zender pedals set

    You making any more of these, any time soon...
  9. toyalfasweb

    From the album Rosso Spider TS

  10. Rosso Spider TS

    A few more of my Spider "Anna Rachnid" taken at Duckets Grove Co. Carlow Ireland. With a guest appearance of a Giulietta.
  11. SpiderWithSpider

    From the album Rosso Spider TS

  12. spider02

    From the album Rosso Spider TS

  13. dk02

    From the album Rosso Spider TS

  14. dk01web

    From the album Rosso Spider TS

  15. My Spider

    Taken at "Duckets Grove" Co. Carlow Ireland.
  16. My Spider

    Thanks..! "Duckets Grove" is a splendid backdrop. Quite a hard place to find as well, unless someone shows you where it is.
  17. Photo Competition • March 2012

    I must be winning up to now, then...
  18. Spider

    My ride. Still a few things on the wish list, but she's coming along nicely.
  19. Anna

    My Spider