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  1. Hi from France

  2. Hi from France

    Hi! My name is Raphaël, I live in France, half an hour west of Paris. I've been a car nut forever (turning twenty soon). I currently own my beloved Renault Espace, 2004, with it's wonderful 2.0 turbo petrol engine. If you speak French, everything is here: https://www.passion-espace-club.com/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=38492 It belonged to my parents and I grew up in it, I've been to a lot of European countries with it and I saved it from being scrapped. It's rather unreliable, not super quality and in bad condition but I love it because of the sentimental value. It's currently running on E85. Enough of that though, this is an Alfa forum. I don't own one yet but would love a V6 GTV someday soon before values blow up. I fell for Alfa with the new Giulia, then the 4C. My granddad talks about his 2000 GTV he had back in 1973 a lot and wants another. As beautiful as that car is, I want a V6. Preferably cheap and needing work, because I am an idiot I'm not afraid to do a big project though, the first time I wrenched on a car was rebuilding a gearbox. I'm slow and learning but safe and diligent! The only GTV I currently own is a 1/43rd scale dark grey V6, along with two 4Cs, 1/43 and 1/38 scale. I'm doing my best to learn Italian online and from a colleague, it is a gorgeous language. I love Alfas, 916 in particular (that engine that shape ), and I'm excited to read up on them on your forum!
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