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  1. New V6 TB owner

    Thanks! It has the typical wear of 20 years, all the car was to dirty. only a couple days of clean and looks better. first step....cambelt change and other parts that need. is a too cheap car, is good base for start a restoration. I not have a original carpet.. is a 145 original carpet [emoji849] Enviado desde mi SM-J530F mediante Tapatalk
  2. New member

    Nice grigio! You are a ex 145 owner? Enviado desde mi SM-J530F mediante Tapatalk
  3. New V6 TB owner

    Thanks! I think respray on golden. But after cambelt change, interior restoration, etc. Enviado desde mi SM-J530F mediante Tapatalk
  4. New V6 TB owner

    Hi, Im from Tenerife, Spain. I had a 145 1.4ts/145QV/146 1.4ts/155V6/147GTA. Now I have a 145QV Zender, 146JTD Sport Pack and weeks ago I bought a GTV V6 TB phase 2 with OZ 19x8, Bilstein + Eibach, wiechers strut bar, leather and carpet red, no cat and quad ragazzon, cup front lip and sideskirts. Enviado desde mi SM-J530F mediante Tapatalk
  5. fer145