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  1. Hello all from London

    Hi I'm new to this forum too. Your TS looks good tell us about it. I'm in Canada waiting for the winter to give up. Planning to get both spiders out Friday or Saturday if all goes well. GordZ
  2. Hi From Canada

    Hi Flip, Long stories lot's of pictures if you send me an email dirtectly to me I can send you the pdf's the 98 spider is a TS and is just a perrrrrfect match actually if is my Sue's as we sold her '78 Fiat 124 spider last summer. Let me try to attach the PDF file for the Newfoundland Story. GordNewfoundland in a 1991 Spider.pdf
  3. Hi From Canada

    Hi. Just found this site the other day was browsing around Alfa 916 and it popped up have been in the Alfa Club in Canada for years our other Alfa is a Series 4 1991 Red Spider. We use to have a 1992 164S but it became to expensive to maintain for what it was worth it was still my favorite sedan and we had some great trips in it one was 10,000 km to the Grand Canyon another story. We got the 98 Spider last summer just before we headed off to Newfoundland an 8 week road trip in our 92 Red spider that's another story. Let me tell you about our 98 it's Blue and looks like it is new. It came from Japan, we can import cars into Canada if over 15 years. The car has only 33,000 Km on the clock. I don't know if the belts have been changed so that is the first project. Got all the parts fro EBspares and some tools from Totally Alfa. After reading all the info I can find will do it my self. Everything is pretty original. The radiator is new old core is pretty rotted have to replace the middle exhaust has a hole in the pipe at the silencer. Got a new one form EB at the same time. Right know the two spiders are stored in a garage waiting for spring we still have snow on the ground and it was -3C this morning. Should have them out in 3 weeks as the weather is trying to get better. We are getting the car ready for a trip this summer firstly off to the Nationa Alfa Convention in Providence Road Island, There will be a few of us from Camada. After the convention we are planning a 4 week road through Main, then to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and finally back to home in Ontario via Quebec. I will try to attach a pic of our Spider to this intro and will browse around the site. Keep the Alfa's going Alfaholic GordZ
  4. Welcome to the forums GordZ :)

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