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  1. Someone here?

    Nice looking woman but a strange picture
  2. Hi from Toledo

    Welcome to the club, as said that colour is stunning
  3. New 916 owner from Melbourne

    Welcome to the club, stunning car
  4. Hello from Netherlands

    Welcome, get some pics up (should be the law lol)
  5. Hi from Birmingham

    Might see you around I split my time between Ipswich and Birmingham
  6. Hello from Zagreb (Croatia)

    Nice car and nice city, I ran a marathon there many moons ago and the place was stunning (I had been on a 6 month tour of Bosnia so maybe I had rose tinted specs on?) It is a fact that there were absolutely no ugly women, even the fat ones were stunning. lol
  7. Glad I found you

    Hi I'm Danny owned a few Alfas in my time, started off with an Alfasud, went to a nice 156 with a factory fitted bodykit, then onto a GTV Lusso V6 with the areo kit and loved it. But always wanted a Cup. In between that time I got into Mitsubishi FTO's in a big way and had a BMW Msport. Someone made me a decent offer for my car, and a Cup came up that was actually as good as described and as soon as I saw her I fell in love. I'm normally one for doing things to the car (spent thousands on the various FTO's I had) On my last GTV I had an Isotta sterring wheel, handbrake and gearknob, even changed the alloys (But went back to teledials) But with the Cup I feel like I would devalue her by doing things like that. I did change the exhaust for a DTM quad, expensive but well worth it as she now sounds like a V6 should. I may go for clear indicators as well, but other than that she will be staying as she is apart from the stereo. I've been in 2 minds about the stereo, its a Becker roadmaster with built in Sat nav,and a becker 6 cd changer and it sounds really good (Has Aston Martin badged on the stereo, so not a cheap thing) only problem is my music is all on USB and this does not have that facility, so as nice as it sounds, I will be getting rid. Now I have the new exhaust I can live without a stereo and just listen to the growl, reminds me of the new BMW advert lol
  8. Welcome to the forums GTVDAN :)

Welcome to Squadra916

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