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  1. II meeting gtv-spider Valencia 2014

    Yes, but we were very busy eating snails and... couldn't take too much pics ...here you have some of them: It is not Valencia, it is in Lleida (Catalunia) at TREBOLS's home Two beautiful machines... This is in Albages: A lot of Spiders in this sunny meeting at the end of October...
  2. Hi from Toledo

    Welcome to the Forum!!! I think this car is a nice adquisicion... I remember the advertisements and it looked good. Hope see you in a 916 spanish meeting
  3. Welcome from Souther California

    I have attached the link in last message!!! http://www.multiecuscan.net/ If car only have 20k miles... I think probably most parts are still new... In my opinion, you only need to replace "maintenance parts". This is: cambelt, fluids and filters... Cambelt in this engine have to be replaced every 60k miles... but in your car, probably you have a 18 years old belt. Relacing the cam belt you will need especial blockers in camshafts and a new joint for the pistonhead cover. Phase variator probably is OK... try making a pair of oil changes (one with only 50 miles to clean engine inside...) and second with a good quality SAE 10W40 syntetic oil. Don't forget replace filter each time. Of course you have to use 95 octane fuel.... and can improve the sound changing exhaust line... Replace coolant and brake hydraulic fluid... and enjoy the car The best is between 4000 and 6500 rpm... but don't forget to replace the cam belt before going over 5000...
  4. Welcome from Souther California

    Don't forget to replace the water pump too... it is part of cam belt kit. Your car is similar than mine (2.0 TS 1996) with an oldy ECU.... for diagnosis I use a program called MultiEcuScan... runs fine, but there are some tricks to connect the car with the PC I made a post in "alfistas" spanish forum about it. What about your spanish knowledge? http://www.multiecuscan.net/
  5. Great event...!!! A lot of nice beautiful Alfas in Croatia...
  6. Welcome from Souther California

    wahooo!!!! It's not easy to believe there is a tiny Alfa in California!!! I suppose it is a 2.0 but we don't know the age of the car. In Europe is easy to find parts for this Twin Spark engine... but parts for the bodywork in USA it is going to be a little bit difficult. I buy parts in Internet... mainly in webs in Spain, but I buy in british and german webs too: http://www.recambiosviaweb.com/m2/d1461/c5164/s8/g854/a100121/amortiguador-unidad-alfa-romeo-spider-916s-20-tspark-16v-916s2c00-150cv-gasolina-1995-06-hasta-hoy.html http://www.shop4parts.co.uk/?name=store&op=Results&category=14&secondary=39&opts=228&term=Alfa_Romeo_Spider_2.0_TS_16v_Camshaft_Components&cat=Camshaft_Components http://ricambi.alfisti.net/product_info.php?info=p7594_Alfa-Romeo-Emblem-GTV---Spider-for-boots-lock.html http://www.alfaworkshop.co.uk/parts/Alfa_Cam_Lock_Tool.shtml Use ebay... you will find a lot of dealers What are the mileage of the car? maybe you have to think in changing the cambelt... Well come to the forum!!!
  7. Turbo Brutale

    Thank you very much!!! for sharing this pics
  8. II meeting gtv-spider Valencia 2014

    It´s truth... I never liked black cars too much... but, when I saw this one It liked me a lot Sometimes looks black, dark grey or darkbrown... its dificult to explain maybe in this pic, is like normal looks:
  9. II meeting gtv-spider Valencia 2014

    More pics... This is the ALFA CAMPING
  10. II meeting gtv-spider Valencia 2014

    And more than three...
  11. II meeting gtv-spider Valencia 2014

    Yes it's a 2.0 TB and is the oldest car in meeting... early 96... but runs like new ...the Spider behind is the mine ....from 96 too... This silver Ph3 is a 3.2 Busso This is one of TREBOL's cars
  12. II meeting gtv-spider Valencia 2014

    Some pics from last weekend Valencia's meeting... Nice weekend... good people, good machines, good weather and good food
  13. Filip's GTV TS Clubsport project

    I havn't a polishing machine too!!! I did it by hand
  14. Turbo Brutale

    Nice experience... I will like to do... Beautiful Ferrari Testarossa in fourth picture!!! ....from Sweden?
  15. Filip's GTV TS Clubsport project

    I used "autofinesse" products to reviving the paint I bought it in a spanish dealer (here in Valencia) but products are from UK... (Sorry, I don't know if I can put direct links ) http://www.maesaldetailer.es/es/clay-bar/459-auto-finesse-clay-200-g.html http://www.maesaldetailer.es/es/glazes-aio-s-cleansers/467-auto-finesse-rejuvenate-250-ml.html http://www.maesaldetailer.es/es/sellantes/466-auto-finesse-tough-coat-paint-sealant-250-ml.html ...a lot of money, but now the car looks new

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