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capitan harlock

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  1. capitan harlock

  2. Alfa 916 20th anniversary 30-31.05.15 Pinifarina Italy

    Saturday, May 31 - 14,00 - 14,30:Partecipants arriving at Headquaters Pininarina (via Nazionale, 30 - Cambiano (TO) -14,30 : coffee Break -15,00 : Transfert to Pininfarina museum -15,30 :Conference about "20 years Alfa Romeo 916 GTV/Spider "Dr.Paolo Pininfarina. - 17,00: Transfert to Pinerolo - 18,00: Arrival to Hotel Villa Glicini in Pinerolo - 19,30: Appetizzer pool of Hotel Villa Glicini - 20,30: Get ready to attend the gala dinner at the Villa Glicini Restaurant - 22,30: End of the evening Sunday, May 31 - 9,30: transfer to Villar Perosa - 10,30: Parade in the center of Villar Perosa - 10,45: Visit the Church and Chapel Agnelli - 11,30: Visit of Agnelli Museum - 12,30 - 13,00: Get ready to convivial lunch (Organized by Proloco) - 14,30: Exibition Track - 16,30/17,00: The public will vote the best Gtv and Spider 916 A solution (only Saturday): 70,00 € B solution (Only Sunday): 50,00 € C solution (Saturday+Sunday): 85,00 € Info:e-mail: cesko.alfasport@gmail.com http://www.alfasport.net/raduno/View.asp?id=670
  3. Alfa 916 20th anniversary 30-31.05.15 Pinifarina Italy

    In progress!
  4. Alfa Romeo gtv twin spark

    Alfa Romeo gtv twin spark
  5. capitan harlock gtv twin spark

    capitan harlock gtv twin spark
  6. 20141011 121011

  7. Ciao from Italy

    Hello! Your spider is wonderful
  8. hello from Italy

    Hello. My name is Andrea, I'm Italian. I have 1995 Gtv ts rosso proteo.
  9. hello from Italy

    Thanks!the car has been restored. Body,engine and interior.

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