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  1. Storm
  2. Hi Alan from Brissy... Welcome to the group, your Bella looks stunning. Steve
  3. From Downunder... Colour is Giallo Ginestra (AR258A) Ph2 CF3 TS L.E.
  4. Alfa Romeo Spider TS 2001
  5. From the album Storm

    The business end of Storm showing the 2 x 12" hotdogs and the poor cutout in the bumper. also shows my custom plates, larger at the rear, thiner at the front but both have the same design. For the curious, my initials and year of birth. Have put white LED's in the number plate lights, front clearence lights, inside reading lights and then blue LED's on the door puddle lights.

    © Yes

  6. The JVC unit is a KD-AVX77.
  7. From the album Storm

    The L.E. label on my 'Storm'. The special bits are blue electric roof, non std colour AR258A, blue dash board and blue cloth seats (better for the hot muggy weather over here). What I've done, JVC unit with twin 4" Pioneer mids in a custom enclosure where the single 6" speaker was, 8" kicker sub behing driver and 6" Pioneer componants in the doors (had to use a spacer and cut a bit of the door metal), 2 1/2" straight thru exhaust using the original resonator, 2 1/2" Lukey Straight Thru Sports Muffler then branched into twin 12" hotdogs at the rear (one for each outlet). Repairs? Braided front Brake Hoses,Slotted front DBA dic's, Front & Rear Badges, Bump stops on all 4 ends, tappered sump plug (has a dodgy sump thread), replaced hoses on NS roof ram (Pirtek did the hoses, I fitted), fixed boot solenoid, slave clutch.

    © Yes

  8. From the album Storm

    My Bella 'Storm' on the Stradebrook Island Car Ferry for a day trip. January 2013.

    © yes

  9. From the album Storm

    "Storm" is the Spiders name. Taken in the rainforest behind the Gold Coast during an AROCA Club drive in Sept 2013. Built Sept 2001, paint AR258A, L.E. 31 of 50,
  10. From the album Storm

    AR258A, Limited 31 of 50 released in Australia. 2001 P2 CF3 TS 2.0 18" Rims, Twin Singles out the back.

    © yes

  11. 916 Spider
  12. Welcome to the forums Scuba Steve :)