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Alper Musa

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  1. Istanbul Turkey GTV V6 Turbo

    Front console, rear console, doors , roof all in one piece. But very little flexibility.And work very hard indeed.Labor too much.
  2. Istanbul Turkey GTV V6 Turbo

    I would like to share a few square
  3. Istanbul Turkey GTV V6 Turbo

    Hello,First of all I apologize for the bad english.I live in Istanbul before this 155 Q4 was 156 Selespeed different brands and of course a few unnecessary bi GTV is going t take one and a half years.All internal parts were renewed in the meantime Seats, doors, front and rear console, carpet, ceiling covered with original alcantara everywhere and we started through the renovation.After all undercarriage and axles, suspension was later obtained and renewed.And of course the engine ...Found zero crate engine, and we renew our hearts.Meanwhile turbo, starter motor, alternator, spark plug wires, radiator, thermostat etc etc everything was reset.Throwing hand lens to get changed at the end of the beam passed. We're not done yet.Brain and cancel the flowmeter, the ignition system will be streamlined and made from scratch, software, injectors to be replaced.Maybe we can get a twin-turbo event.
  4. Welcome to the forums Alperist :)

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