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  1. greenmeen

  2. Alfa gtv v6 project black edition

    Looking good Jon - and done on a tight budget too - who says Alfa's are expensive to run....
  3. where has yaroslav's site gone?

    Can't get on to y bohzdinkski's informative site, anyone know what has happened to it
  4. eBay electric seats

    http://www.ebay.de/itm/Alfa-Romeo-GTV-Edizione-Ledersitze-Spider-916-Sitzheizung-/331107753933?pt=DE_Autoteile&hash=item4d178f5fcd Might be of interest
  5. Coventry Green V6

    Hi all - I thought it was about time I put up some details of my Gtv. She is hibernating at the moment but I have just spent a happy 3 days and 200 miles with her to blow off the cobwebs.. 2002 CF3 v6 24v 78k evrything standard other than q2 fitted and gta flywheel & clutch So far, I have replaced front wishbones and droplinks and given the rear suspension a total rebuild with powdercoated parts and powerflex/lemforder bushings, new shocks, springs, cups etc Am planning to replace the front shocks, fit a new oil cooler, waxoil underneath and then spend some time working on the engine bay. pictures coming shortly once I have worked out how to..
  6. Coventry Green V6

    I take your point on the rear badges. If anything, I might just remove the q2 badge first. I like things as they were originally, even if it looks a little cluttered. Debadged obviously looks much neater. There is a little crease in the boot lid where a careless owner must have reversed into something - the badges distract the eye from it! When I have sorted all the mechanical aspects of the car I will have a play around with the visual aspects. I can always put the badges back, or some of them...
  7. My new toy

    lovely Gtv!
  8. DSCF5468jpegjpeg

    From the album Coventry Green

  9. GTV CUP NO 131 (Rhd UK spec)

    Andy - where did you get the front springs please?
  10. DSCF5473jpegjpeg

    From the album Coventry Green

  11. Coventry Green

    Coventry Green V6
  12. DSCF5471jpegjpeg

    From the album Coventry Green

  13. DSCF5470jpegjpeg

    From the album Coventry Green

  14. DSCF5469jpegjpeg

    From the album Coventry Green

  15. DSCF5467jpegjpeg

    From the album Coventry Green

  16. Coventry Green V6

    Ah - yes forgot about the exhaust. Have changed centre section for stainless SuperSprint and the rear section is a stainless single small silencer, possibly powerflow but not sure (ebay..) More pictures coming, I am struggling with the uploading system though. @ Evoman - thanks, it is my favourite colour for a Gtv!
  17. DSCF5464jpeg

    From the album Coventry Green

  18. DSCF5466jpeg

    From the album Coventry Green

  19. DSCF5463jpeg

    From the album Coventry Green

  20. DSCF5462jpeg

    From the album Coventry Green

  21. GTV CUP NO 131 (Rhd UK spec)

    Andy - where are the SRT koni shocks coming from and quanto costo?
  22. where has yaroslav's site gone?

    Car is a TS 2001. Engine is dead, so she will be recieving the engine from my other spider as well as tan leather seats, to start with. Then at least, she will be back on the road.
  23. where has yaroslav's site gone?

    Originally had white seats but they are gone and I don't like them anyway, they are er too white for my tastes... I shall experiment!
  24. where has yaroslav's site gone?

    Many thanks Ybsone, now, here is my quandary. The spider I have bought comes with no seats or door inserts. I have a donor car with tan seats, tan carpet and black dash. Oasi spider has charcoal carpet and blue style dash. What shall I do? Charcoal carpet, tan seats, black dash? Tan carpet, tan seats, blue dash? Charcoal lower carpet, tan upper carpet? Try to find some blue seats? Too much combination - thoughts appreciated....
  25. where has yaroslav's site gone?

    Look forward to seeing it back up - I've just bought an Oasi Verde spider project and am DESPERATE to ogle the Oasi Verde pictures on your site for inspiration and strength......

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