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  1. A.Soria

  2. Sportiva interior

  3. Zender rear spoiler (original) @black

    Thanks Toshko! Fast shipment and everything ok. :thumbsup: Recommended seller
  4. Zender rear spoiler (original) @black

    Sold it, it's mine :thumbsup:
  5. Hi from Spain

    (Otro español por este foro , conozco tu spider de alfistas.com ) Welcomee
  6. GTV from Spain. (Photos)

    Hi Thanos, That was a problem in the GTV, the front speakers can't be so much depth, I don't have here the exact measure that the speaker can fit.. You should mesure the depth of the hole before buying that speakers.. cause they are too deep and can cause problems with the window system, i think 77mm is too much. My DM wood was 10mm depth.
  7. GTV from Spain. (Photos)

    Well, then, if you want the b/w sticks, tell me and we will try to prepare a pair of sticks to send you to Croatia I have some knowledge about sound systems and installation, you can ask me any doubt you have and I will try to answer you .
  8. GTV from Spain. (Photos)

    Hi Paso, I love your gtv The black badge is only a stick put on the original badge. The result is nice and cheap. I bought them from a friend here in Spain who made sticks. It is a very good option if your badge is worn out like the one of my car. If you are interested in them, I can tell him and maybe we can send you a pair . Here is a photo: And I'm sorry, but I don't have here pics of the installation but it was a bit awkward , i made some 5'25" adapters for the gtv's doors with DM wood to eliminate vibrations and noise, wiring all car... but the gtv has a good thing, the battery is at the back so the cable that connect amplifier to battery can be shorter . Finally, i made the subwoofer Box with bass reflex to get good sound in the interior of the car and it hit so hard . It was difficult to introduce the box in the gtv.. so small boot, i had to design a proper box and it fits taking up all the space in one side of the boot. I promise i will take photos and share them with you. P.S: sorry for my english, i could make many mistakes!
  9. GTV from Spain. (Photos)

    Thanks man! I like your V6 too Thanks, with "few modifications" i mean only visual and acoustic things, like changing orange indicators to white ones, black/grey alfa emblem (front and back), QV sticks and the sound system: (great sound here ) - JVC KD-R736BT. - SoundStream PX4.580 4channels x 100W Rms. - Front Speakers: JBL C508GTI 125WRms. (5'25"). - Subwoofer JL Audio 12W1V2-4 300W Rms.
  10. Alfa Romeo GTV 1.8 Twin Spark 16V

    Alfa Romeo GTV 1.8 Twin Spark 16V
  11. My gtv

  12. I've been reading this forum some time ago, but i've never present myself, so here we go: Alfa GTV 916 1.8 T.Spark (Year 2000). Few modifications on it . Some photos:
  13. GTV "Cup look" by ToxyMaTT

    I'm in love with this GTV. :wub: Great work Toxymatt

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