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  1. GTV project

    Been awhile, but here are some updated photos. The reconditioned engine is back in, bonnet on and front bumper test fit. Still need to sort out some wiring issues before it's ready for the road!
  2. GTV project

    Seats are in!!
  3. Anna, enjoying the sunshine..!

    Nice looking car!
  4. GTV project

    Seats busy getting recovered in red leather.....
  5. GTV project

    Some more progress pics...
  6. 916 Cartoon images..

    Thanx... and yes, I do them myself.
  7. 916 Cartoon images..

    Here are some 916 cartoons that I drew.......
  8. GTV project

    So I bought this Gtv for peanuts.... decided to really make it great.... It had a hideous Ferrari wannabe body kit on and generally in a bit of a neglected state.... decided to make it red and add Cup kit and 18" GT wheels..... Also busy reconditioning the engine, will be doing the upholstery etc.....
  9. Hi from sunny South Africa

    Ok, hello from sunny South Africa... the perfect place to enjoy a 916 Spider... Will post pics of mine soon.

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